Let’s Talk About The Current Drama in #BBNaijaLockdown2020

All This big brother season 5 ehn, na waaaahhh.

The housemates and their different personalities this season make it exceptional. The likes of Laycon, who came on the show as an underdog with what seemed like disco lights wrapped all over his body, is now on everybody lips (because of his intellect, wit and tenacity of courseeee!!!).

Laycon BBN Lockdown

Nengi obviously has all the men drooling over her sight and Ozo specifically worshipping at her feet! Even after the countless curving and zoning by Nengi, Ozo still wan die there. It is surprising that Ozo and Laycon are in the same situation with Erica and Nengi, but Laycon is getting all the heat because he’s not rich or all that attractive! People are hypocrites mtchewwww or Lucy who surprisingly has more fans than we all envisaged. What about Tbaj that came in with high expectations from the viewers but steadily disappoints every week (thank God for Saturday parties and her current situationship with Prince).

Should we talk about Praise and his overbearing attitude, and most importantly, the triangle between Kiddwaya, Erica and Laycon that went on for weeks and is lowkey still going on (except now that Laycon has asked for space)? You see that triangle ehn, it gave fans of Laycon and Erica headache and HBP and started a full blown fan-war (that is still going on) and pitched the two of them as premium content of the show and potential winners of this season.

I personally think the lady (Erica) wants to eat her cake and have it. I mean what’s with the “mental attraction” card that she’s playing on my boy, hian! She enjoys the attention Laycon gives her, and it makes her feel wanted. It also gives her a sense of self-worth because Kidd really wouldn’t chase after her the way Laycon does.

Erica BBN Lockdown

Oh and I noticed she uses Laycon for moral support anytime she’s feeling down (after failed wager tasks and normal tasks). Laycon on the other hand really hasn’t been in that situation before, it’s harder than what we think! Cut the boy some slack, abeg.

It won’t be fair not to acknowledge the premium ship of NEO and VEE; my personal favourites. Although the recent revelation from Kaisha is making me second-guess my choice (men will disgrace you).

Vee & Nee BBN -Lockdown
Vee & Neo

And the durag flex between Prince, Ozo and Neo (these 3 are unarguably the best dressed in this season. Special shout out to NEO!!!).

Dorathy too is one character to look out for, although the way she removed herself from a potential triangle (Ozo, Dora and Nengi) very early in the show was a bold move. Some of us still think there are traces of bitterness here and there from time to time. Wathoni also has a share in this. She hates Kiddwaya for no reason (but we know it’s cos he picked Erica over her; we see you Wathoni, we really see you!!)

Dorathy BBN Lockdown

Special shout out to Brighto for being the Lord Baelish and ultimate conspirator in the house, turning everyone against one another and Tricky Tee’s weird hairline (thank God for bandanas).

Ultimately ehn, this lockdown edition of BIG BROTHER NIGERIA will go down in history as one of the most entertaining (the housemates have only won the wager once, and they’ve spent 5 weeks in that house, Lmaoo).

Content left, right, and centre! Gbas Gbos everywhere.

Post was authored by Sewa, find her on twitter @lewa_forbes.

Who do you think is going home this week, and who do you think would win the #BBNaija Season 5?


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