Asa Lagos Concert – Afrobeat Festival 2019

First of, what’s with Africans and not keeping to time? The event was slated for 6pm, I got there 06:24pm and I was like the fourth guest. They were still doing ‘mic check 1,2’ then went this French guy, probably the stage manager, on a long #frizz of French commands. It went from, ‘oh, French is so sexy’ to ‘can he stop talking already!’ 💁‍♀‍

After almost two hours of sitting, a pure, beautiful voice came on singing Nine Lives by Ásà. In that instance, I forgave them for the delay. Later found out the lady is Asa’s manager, Janet.

Well, if you’ve been someone’s manager and friend for 15 years, there is high tendency you’ll start to sound alike. She did that song and Eyo before the French guy interrupted again with his barks. Gosh! I thought I was the only one tired of him until I heard comments from different angles expressing their displeasure with the interruption.

Asa Afrobeat Concert
This is my angry face

Dearly beloved, we waited and waited, event no gree start. I chop spaghetti and turkey, finish two bottle water, still dem no gree start. Na so sleep start to dey do me.

Pheeeew! I don dey think say since Ásà na half-French, this fest no go be like this. Let me not even lie, I was bored out of my effing mind. My VIP ticket and the distance I traveled were the reasons I didn’t carry my purse and head back home.

I’m VIP baby!😁

At 9:19pm someone thought, “Oh let’s wake these people sleeping over there up with Wizkid’s ‘Joro’ ” and yup! We woke up. So, you people had a DJ all along and you let us sit in dead silence for about 40 minutes? Just wow!

10:00pm, a petite guy like myself came on stage shouting, ‘Hey hey hey, one time!’ I was like, “You’re not Wizkid, man.”😏 Apparently, this people had hypeman but didn’t think we deserved him until 4 hours later? Eku ìṣe ó aunty Ásà and team!

As at 10:30pm, I had started to lose my home training. It seemed I was the only one in the VIP section bent on enjoying the night regardless of the delay.

Have you met the set of people who only dance on their chair? I am their president! I can dance fire, while sitting down on a chair! You can’t even try me, I am definitely the best chair-dancer ever!

My hype was louder that the petite dada boy that was paid for the job. Remember when I told you here last week that the energy in me is enough to light up a party? I lied. The energy in me is more than enough to light up Old Trafford. Jeez! It amazes me sometimes where it comes from.

11:00pm, the icon showed up in a black leggings, black camisole, black pump heels and an orange cape with ruffled sleeves. Of course, she had her legendary dreads on. She looked absolutely beautiful.

Asa performing on stage

The crowd went wild. 70% of us in the VIP section found ourselves running towards the platform. That was the moment no one minded being a regular.

Asa (real name, Bukola Elemide) performed for exactly one hour 11:01 PM-12:01 AM, and every single second of that hour was electrifying.

Asa on stage at Afrobeat Fest 2019

She performed several of her songs including; Eyo, 9 Lives, Bamidele, Murder in the USA, Bibanke, Jailer, Bimpe and Fire on the mountain.

Asa @ Afrobeat Fest 2019
Asa @Afrobeat Fest 2019

Did I mention that she pulled her heels off just two songs in? Girl, can she dance?!

Yes, the event started 5 hours late but heck, Asa’s performance was worth the wait. I was screaming, singing, mumbling the parts I didn’t know the lyrics, dancing and jumping all through her performance. Asa is a living legend, people!


Yo y’all, Johnny Drille can sinnnnngggg!

Johnny Drille
Johnny Drille

Gosh! Even his speaking voice is captivating. He is definitely one of Nigeria’s best vocalists. My favourite performance of his tonight was ‘Papa.’ He has energy and great stage presence too, and his acoustic guitarist, Godwin and his violinist, exceptional talents!

Bez oh Bez!


I just want to say, I’m really sorry I haven’t taken out time to listen to your album that has been sitting on my laptop for weeks now. You definitely earned yourself a new fan tonight. Bless your heart for the beautiful renditions. He was a great act. I loved the ‘Stupid Song’ the most.

An hour after Bez’ performance, we were still waiting for Femi Kuti to come on stage. Kilode? What’s all this?

My tired face

It’s 2:30am and I’m headed back home, without watching Sir Shina Peters perform live. It hurts but I have to be at work by 9am. I only got to see three out of the eight artists lined up for the fest.

All in all, it was a good night. The Afrobeat fest wasn’t bad at all. I had so much fun, danced like an ant and screamed like a trumpet. By the way, do trumpets scream? Just ignore that, abeg.

I pray I don’t lose my voice as I’m to host my office party tomorrow. It’s gonna be freaking lit!!!

I think I got Cuppy’s posture

P.S: The video from the concert will be up on my YouTube channel later.
Ciao lovers! 💋

Kiss kiss

Line-up for the event: Ásà, Brymo, Mr. P, Bez, Johnny Drille, Harrysong, Femi Kuti, Sir Shina Peters.


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  1. Oh dear… U sef got there 24mins late 😀😋… The french dude was…Well lets leave that one🙄 Did anyone apologize for the delay? U didn’t say, so I guess not (God epp dem to get it right in time someday) 🤷…las las…You had fun gal👍🙌

    1. My 24mins was definitely wayyyy more acceptable than their 5hour lateness💁‍♀️

      Apologise Kwa! Nothing nothing but yeah, I had mad fun😁😉


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