Best Friends

We had a party to attend at Fela’s shrine that night, it was our other friend’s birthday party. She had picked out the matching outfits for us to wear three days before. You know, we intended to turn heads, as in “slayyyy” – more like she wanted us to slay actually. I’ve never really cared much for such, but my best friend, (grunts) she was born to turn heads. She enjoys having eyes on her everywhere she went and she sure made it a point of duty to drag me into it whenever we went out together. “You can’t be looking like my kid sister or my PA,” she’d say.

However, I was running late – as always.

She called me more than twenty times in thirty minutes. What the heck?! I bounced all her calls thinking she was only calling to yell at me, as usual. I cranked up the volume on my car radio, drowning my ringtone in Quincy Jones’s voice on the super drive-time show.

I got home that night around 10pm, rushed in and was all about changing into our “matching outfit,” all the while coming up with different excuses for why I was late. I kept on chattering about how she almost drained my battery with her calls and messages… bla bla bla! She just laid under the duvet, saying nothing to me.

“Oya, I’m ready let’s go!”

No reply.  

“I said I’m sorry now, let’s go abeg!” I yelled at her, getting angry myself.

Why is she acting up? It’s not like this is the first time I’ll be late. I’m always late after all.

Still no response.

I walked back to the bedside and yanked the duvet off. (Gasps) My purse fell off my shoulder the same time my right hand went up to cover my opened mouth. Sweat broke out my forehead and I began to shiver. I felt really hot and cold at the same time. There was a tingling feeling in my armpits. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground, eyes popping, brows furrowed -trying to make sense of the sight before me. Eventually, a single cry of anguish escaped my throat.

The sight before me was HORRIBLE! It looked like a “perfect” death scene from a Hollywood movie, with lots of special effect.

Her body was curled up in a fetal position and was as still as a statue. Her left hand sprawled out at about 45 degrees to her neck, the palm of the hand was covering her I-phone while her right hand laid lazily in front of her stomach. One could easily deduce from how her face was contorted that she was in pain. No, she wasn’t in pain, she died in pain.

There was blood everywhere. Too much blood from one person and in spite of myself, I reached out and poked her thigh-twice. I honestly don’t know why I did that. Perhaps I was checking if she still had any more blood left in her body.

I was wearing the same dress as she was, only that hers was now soaked in blood. This is my best friend of 12 years lying lifeless on the bed we’ve been sharing for three years and all I could do was poke her lifeless body? What is wrong with me?!

That was when it dawned on me; I actually killed her. I killed my best friend!

No, I had no idea she was even pregnant, neither did I know she was having an abortion, but, it still is my fault she bled to death. Why didn’t I pick her calls? Why did I crank up the radio instead of reading her text? Why was I late?

My best friend died in her pool of blood because I GOT THERE LATE. If only I had picked up the damn phone, I could have saved her. If only I wasn’t late that night…

I killed my best friend.


Bolaji Gelax

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69 thoughts on “I KILLED MY BESTFRIEND

    1. Thanks dear. I’m really glad you like it. Please let me know if you ever get to use it at an audition. All the best!

    1. LOL… No Myah, it is actually a monologue I wrote for an audition few months back. it’s fiction. I hope you liked it?

  1. Nice story, it felt real, if not for the fact that I know you well, would have felt it was a true story. Good stuff. I hope it got you what you wrote it for.

    1. Mr Shay my friend! Thank you much much. Sadly, I didn’t get the role… someday soon hopefully.

  2. Communication is key! Pick your calls, send a text…communicate! Better late than never!…though that can be consciously worked on.
    I felt the reality of the story hence my comment above. Emotional one Gelax

    1. Very essential! I’m still working on this myself. I hope a few people can learn from the story.
      Thanks for reading & commenting, I’m glad you could relate.

  3. It might be fictional, but it’s definitely a true experience we all have to.learn from.
    I have already made that resolution a while back not to take a reach out from friends and family with levity.

    Thank you for this, it is very gooooooooooooooooo……..d

    1. I pray a lot of people learn from it. I’m working on joining you on that resolution.

      Thanks pleeeeeeeeenty for the compliment

  4. Very Good stuff Gelax! You have ur way with fussing words to create a clear picturesque story; Forgive me, my oyibo don plenty! Lol!

    1. As in ehn, na to go carry dictionary remain… LOL. I really do appreciate you. Thanks for stopping by

    1. Oh my! Where have you been Rodrigo??? Thanks much much for showing your face… LOL. I hope you have subscribed 😉

  5. it better be a fiction oo, if not ehn i would have personally advocated for your arrest. In short i will stop ignoring calls. Make i no kill person like Gelax did.

    1. LMAO 😂😂 Brotherlove will not kill person. It’s all good, the only thing I kill is egg😉
      Good resolve by the way 👊

    1. My Sugar K 😍😍😍 thank you my lover. I promise I’ll never kill you. You know that right?

  6. This is a great story. It relates to every aspect of life. We should pay more attention to people around us…. family, friends, colleagues, housemates, neighbours, gym members and most importantly OURSELVES.. Great one Bolaji…… Keep it up 👏👏👏

  7. This got to me like… The images of d story running through my head. Lesson learnt… Weidone Debbie… U three much… 👌🏾👍 👌🏾

  8. Well, why you might be guilty of ignoring her calls, you are in no way responsible for her death. She made her choice, however ill it turned out. That knowledge should help you sleep at night along with the commitment not to ignore your communications even when angry or frustrated.

  9. You may be right. But what if what led to her death wasn’t an abortion? I guess one can feel worse and more guilty then.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Ketchup (nice name BTW). Hope you took the lesson?

    1. Irrespective of what led to her death, I want to believe there were others she could have reached out to when you didn’t pick her numerous calls. It’s quite scary to imagine you were the only one associated with her who could have helped. That would be really sad.
      No matter though, I guess knowing that you could have made a difference but was unable to would haunt you, irrespective of the cause of death.
      Yeah, I took the lesson: PICK YOUR CALLS. Lol.
      Thanks, I love the name myself.

  10. You made a valid argument and I appreciate that. Damn! You’re a lawyer right? LOL

    Thanks plenty plenty you for the new perspective. I hope to have you back on the blog. Sending love, kisses, flowers & sunshine your way 😘

  11. Why am I reading this now?
    B.Jayyyyyyy! You wantu kee somebori?
    Mehn this babe is good.
    The message is very clear.
    Please add ‘bad ass writer’ to your Bio.
    I Stan!🙌

    1. 😂😂😂

      Sorry ma, I didn’t mean to 🤭

      Awww… Thank you plenty plenty plenty plenty ❤✨

  12. Hmmmmmn! Shey I won’t kill my friends like this. I am so bad with phones and I hardly care why and who calls. I keep saying in my head that, of its urgent and they need help, then they should call someone else in our clique after all we are ‘one’.

    I need to change sha

    1. I mean, I’m trying not to judge or something, but mehn… Okay, #NoJudgmentZone 🤐🤭

      Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee change! ❤✨


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