Best Ways to Survive Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Na single we single, we no kuku kill person (Translation: Our only crime is being single, we haven’t committed murder) #ValentinesDayWithNobody #ValentineWithNoValentine

1. Stay off social media!

There will be lots of pictures and videos that might make you start questioning God and why you have to celebrating a worldwide lovers’ day without a lover. Truthfully, most of what you will be seeing online today would be make-believe so, why make yourself feel down over what is probably not even be real.

Unless of course, you’re tough enough to handle it. In which case, just be sure you aren’t lying to yourself.

Don’t you go stalking you exes or friends with boos on social media. Let me ask you this…


2. Treat yourself!

She broke your heart, then what?

He cheated on you. Are you dead?

Would you please dust yourself up and go out to have some fun!

chicken. ice cream. pizza
yummy yummy

Indulge. Indulge. Indulge. Yes mon ami, order whatever you would like to eat and drink, buy yourself that fancy item, go on that trip, get a ticket to that coveted show, just do whatever it is you CAN AFFORD that makes you happy.

If you’re lucky enough to have a number of single friends like yourself, why not go out on a group date and HAVE FUN! It’s TGIF after all.

3. Val your Creator

church service

I think I must have been in JSS 2 or something when my Social Studies teacher mentioned something about religion (Islam & Christianity) being an escape and solace for poverty and difficult times as it provides Africans (especially) with hope that the future will be better and brighter. As much I do not totally agree with where he was coming from, I must say, I totally see his point.

My faith in God gives me the some sort of strength and fire nothing and nobody else can give.

And I know for a fact that most churches would have a Valentine’s Day Special for singles. An event to remind those who are not in a relationship that God loves them as much as he loves those who’ve found their missing ribs and that there is someone special He’s prepared for them.

As a matter of fact, I recommend that you attend such programs, they are good for the mind and would help keep your mind from dwelling on depressing thoughts today and at the same time, give you HOPE that you are not alone in your ‘singlehoodness.’

4. Avoid certain places

Please, please and please, if you are single, today is the wrongest day to visit the Cinemas, ice-cream parlours, high class restaurants, city malls, parks, etc., all by yourself.

TV & Popcorn

Instead, order what you want and sit at home with your TV/Laptop, whatever and watch action films. No romance, no epics, no love songs, no heartbreak songs, no James Hadley Chase novels, no titantic and definitely, NO PORNOGRAPHY.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And finally,

5. Nothing is wrong with you!

single on valentine's day

Nope. That every other lady in your office got a surprise delivered to them today doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.

And No; that your best friend proposed to his long-time girlfriend on a getaway trip today does not make you less of a man.

Nah, nah; that your teenage cousin got a cake, chocolates and flowers and you are 35 & single-to-stupor does not necessarily mean your village people are seated on your matter.

Na single you single o, you never kee person, abeg abeg, save your tears for those onions in the kitchen. Gracias!

From a fellow single-to-stupor to another, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Sending love, kisses, flowers & sunshine your way, my dearest #Galaxy 



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2 thoughts on “Best Ways to Survive Being Single on Valentine’s Day

  1. If you’re single this year, it’s an opportunity to rediscover and fall in love with you again and again.

    Singleness isn’t a bad thing after all.

    You may never enjoy that alone-time again so enjoy while it lasts, with joy, pride and of course, all please.

    Happy Valentine’s Day from The Tory Teller.

    Find out how I spend my Valentine through this link


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