Better Late Than Never

So, I started drafting this piece on the 31st of December, 2020 but then, I got a call and decided to go hang out with one man like that. I was thinking it would be a quick meet and I’d be back home in time to finish this up and prepare for crossover service.

Few hours later, we were still merry-go-rounding the streets of Lagos. Apparently, we lost direction and instead of asking people or Google (I know right!), we kept driving around town, giggling like elementary pupils and singing along to the loud music on the car stereo.

I recall murmuring, “I still have to blog today”, but did nothing about it. Although I’m sorry I didn’t bring you this post as at when due, that was a fun way to end the year, and I’m sure you, my Stars, don’t mind that I ditched you for a man, yeah? 🙈

While other bloggers write their Best of The Year post in December, I’m just bringing you mine in January. Y’all already know I’m not exactly a normal human being now… LOL

With further ado, here are my top ten favourite blog posts of 2020. Guys, this selection was a hard row to hoe because, of course, there were way too many great posts on the blog in 2020!

In no particular order…

1. Single Celibate Christian series

Bolaji Gelax - Lady in suit

If you followed this series, then you’d totally understand why it made my BOTY 2020 list. I received the most number of emails and DMs in two months, met new people and was privileged to have people (acquaintances and strangers) confide in me because of this eight-episode long series.

It might be my finest, most profound work till date. My personal favourite episode from this series was “We Tried, It Was Painful” but from a poll I put out last year, “I Begged Him For Sex” and “I’ve Found The One For Me” were the voters’ choice.

Please tell me your fave in the comment section 😘

2. She’s not you

This was a dialogue between a man and his lady. Her (played by Bolaji Gelax) was an insecured lover who still felt threatened by her man’s ex and Him (played by Rogers Wanambwa) was a sweet, patient and loving man doing his best to reassure his lover that she’s all he wanted.

I enjoyed working on this beautiful piece with Rogers and every time I read it, it makes me feel all giddy inside. Read the post HERE to understand what I mean.

3. I’m an African but… Series

Gosh! I love love love love this series! Valentine Makoni and I birthed the idea of having people discuss things they’re generally expected to know how to do or be like as an African but they aren’t.

This 8-part series had entries from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya and Swaziland, eSwatini. I particularly enjoyed the conversations and I bet you did/would too. So catch episodes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and click HERE to meet the brilliant minds behind the episodes.

4. What men want in a relationship – 7 things all men need

One of my favourite Stars in the Galaxy, Kachi, wrote this insightful piece. Everyone agrees he nailed it!

What men want in a relationship

5. Goodbye, Mine

This is personal on several levels. Read 👉 HERE

6. Tiv names and their meanings

So, Celebrate Your Name Week comes up every first week in March and seeing that there were people who don’t know the meaning of their names, I sourced for people to provide the meanings of some Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik-Ibibio and Tiv names.

NB: BTW, you should totally check them out, you might find a name for your unborn child(ren). You’re welcome!

Now to why this particular one is my favourite; of all the articles on Gelax Chatroom, Tiv names and their meanings draws in the most organic traffic to my blog. I’ve dubbed it my Best SEO Behaved post. All thanks to the beautiful Vadoo Rejoice.

7. My 30 before 30 bucket list

You’ve got big dreams? Well, come meet your soul sister and her ridiculously wild dreams in this corner.

8. Shooting my shot: 7 tips on How to shoot your shot

I shamelessly shot my shot at a guy, y’all! It was a daring yet beautiful experience for me. Wanna know what happened? You’re a click right here away 😉

9. Daughter of a Nigerian police officer

I honestly don’t know why this made the list. Maybe it’s the guilt of not speaking up in time or wanting to hide the fact that I, Bolaji Gelax, I’m a daughter of a Nigerian police officer

10. Did you know? Cute, Interesting, Weird and “Eeew” Animal Facts

Yo, these animals are wild!!! 😂

Like did you know pigs’ orgasm lasts for 30 freaking minutes and more?! You think I’m joking? Oh well, I pig you not, so Read for yourself 🤭.

And my ultimate favourite is…

YOU, my Stars! You are definitely the abso-freaking-lutely favourite part of my 2020. Saying “thank you” could never be enough to express my appreciation. YOU ARE THE BRIGHTEST THING EVERRRRRR! ❤️✨


If you’re read all of the pieces in this post, it means you are an MVP Star!✨ Please, take your crown 👑

Did you find any of your favourite posts on my list? If not, please mention them in the comments below.

Are you a newbie Star? Well, happy binging! ❤️✨


Bolaji Gelax

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12 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Now I confirm once again why we’re blog sisters because your favourites are mine too.
    Yes, I read all of them so I do deserve the crown.
    Thank you for a cozy Galaxy.
    Love you plenty!

  2. I don’t like you again. Ditched me for man and then sleep and then low phone bsttery!
    I’d remember these with love 🙄

  3. Not you ditching us for a man 😂😂
    Absolutely loved the Single Celibate Christian series.
    Definitely going to read through what I missed 💃🏾

  4. Spot on…we laugh, smile, think deep and reflect, sometimes moved to tears…in all gelaxchatroom rocked 2020. Fun is allowed Gelax…ride on ma😏

  5. The I am an African but… series was my absolute favorite. The single celibate christian was also incredible (should probably go back and binge it all now that I’ve actively embraced the celibate life. Might bring new pearls that I missed first time around).
    Your galaxy was an absolute pleasure last year

    Wait a minute😳😳😳😳😳😳pigs last 30 what??? Excuse meeeeeeeeee

    1. Yaaaay! Funny enough, we’ve got more entries coming in for the “I’m an African but…” Wanna join the chain?

      Awww… You make a sister grin with happiness, my darling. Thank you!!!!!! 🤗😘

      Oh yes, they do… Like wild!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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