Big Belly Button (My Childhood Insecurity)

On my way to work on Wednesday, I saw this cute boy bathing naked in front of a house. He had a very big belly button. And all I could think of was how many nicknames his friends, neighbors and even family members must have given him because of that.

Fun Fact: I had a HUGE belly button as a child.

I know I was tormented with a number of names and songs as a child because of this. One of the songs, I remember well was sung for me back then is in Yoruba, but I’ll try my best in translating it.
“Wole wole nbo lo la
Ise ki lo n bo wase?
Ise fadodo fadodo
Olorun seun iya mi o bimi lonidodo
Idodo fuke fuke
Idodo gbangbaa…”

Government officials would be making their rounds tomorrow
To do what?
To cut off big navels
Thank God my mama didn’t born me with big navel
Big bent navel
Extra large navel

Oh my gosh! How that song tormented me *covers face*

Luckily for me though, I’ve always had a sharp mouth and a somewhat nonchalant attitude, so this insecurity didn’t affect me that much. Besides, my surrogate dad did an amazing job in helping me build up my self-esteem. He told me I was beautiful countless times and taught me how to laugh over the plenty names and songs.

Guess what… Miracles happen😉

There is a myth that says a person with big belly button can get the size reduced by rubbing a coin over it and giving the coin to a pregnant woman. That way, you transfer your big navel to the woman’s unborn child.

Did I try it? You bet!

It was a huge surprise when I noticed one morning in the bathroom that my navel was no longer big. In fact, it had so folded inwards I had to rack my brain to be sure it was once big.

Now, I could go to Google to search for the scientific or biological explanation for how the ‘idodo gbangbaa’ disappeared but what’s the fun in that right?

I’d rather have you my dear reader(s) share whatever explanation or any other myth you know about how my big belly button “disappeared”

P.S: Did you have any insecurity as a child? Is it still there? What names were you called? Did they sing you crazy song(s)? How did you deal with it?


Bolaji Gelax

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13 thoughts on “Big Belly Button (My Childhood Insecurity)

  1. Very funny. So where has your idodo disappeared to?

    Reminds me of how we tormented one of my peers that had the big belly button.
    We get him to lool away and then we press his idodo and run away. It got a point where this thing caused fight between parents oo.

    I often make a sound !!Paa peen-pa peen!! I know I’m not nice.

    1. Oh wow, you were a BULLY! Pa peen pa peen… Like WTH nic? Not nice at all😭

      Perhaps with the woman’s baby now. I just hope he/she transferred it to someone else 😂😂

  2. Really great post! Yes I had quite a few things as a child I was insecure about, especially my very wonky knees which are still as wonky. But my hubbie loves them lol.

  3. Lol.

    You did not!

    Well, some neighbor of ours used to call me ‘shorty’ – like dwarf!

    Hey Chisos!
    Look at me now sha.

  4. i had a big belly button too. its now like your own
    my twin brother used a lighted candle to burn my big belly button. lol,
    i don’t know why but i can remember the event vividly.

    i am rooting for you. BJ Gelax

    1. Nooooo… Oh my! 😭 Did it hurt?

      Stupid question, of course it did! Pele😚

      Thanks plenty plenty plenty ❤


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