Big Brother Naija: How to chest Your L like Laycon

Through the life of Laycon of the Big Brother Naija lockdown 2020 housemate, we shall be showing you how to chest your L like a pro in a love triangle.

Honestly, I should’ve known when he came in with his táná táná jacket that this one is un-bothered, unassuming, and graced. 

Now, we’re back with another “How To” post and this time, like seriously, for real for real, we’re going to actually teach you something (like our last post on how to eat eba and still have a flat tummy 😏 Admit it, you learnt something). 

Today’s piece is about Big Brother Naija and we’re focusing on Laycon of the Fierce Clan! So as our disclaimer always comes fast fast, if you are one of those people that think BBN is a waste of time, bro/babe come and be going. But, before you judge this book by its cover like you did for BBN, why don’t you stay and learn a lesson or two about life? Oh yes, it’s that serious. 

So, this guy (Laycon) first caught everyone’s attention when he came on stage on the 19th of July with his weird light-up jacket on his seemingly unassuming body. He looked everything like a non-threat. And I must admit, I got in on the bants when I first saw him too that night, but for some weird reason he won me over. In fact, by the first week, Laycon had won over a substantial force that would later refer to themselves as Icons. 

Now you’re probably wondering what L did he chest? Are we trying to scam you or waste your time? No darling, not at all. 

For those who don’t know (because you’ve been cruising under a rock😒), Laycon fell for a lady, Erica, who was in the house as a fellow housemate and competitor. Their relationship first started off as #Besties #BFF, *insert other hashtags*, before it gravitated into a serious heart matter, at least on Laycon’s part. 

At first, Erica, Laycon’s love interest, seemed to be warming up to him as well. I mean, she’d literally light up wherever he spoke; he’s no doubt an intelligent guy. I remember one occasion where he practically named every continent, country, and their location! This was a personal turning point for how I saw him (I still don’t like him sha; you’ll get to know why😒). And over the next few weeks, it seemed this lady also came to share my dislike for him. At least that’s what I saw. 

I mean, my guy started showing her he wanted to be more than just her bestie. He wanted more affection, but it seemed lost on her. She had eyes for another. Enter Kiddwaya, the young billionaire son of the Waya family with an accent and a body to boot! 

“I am attracted to you mentally but I’m attracted to Kidd physically. “Erica, 2020

Ọmọ! Yooouuu say!? Who says that? 🤣 Like wooottttttt? 😭 First L fired! And our boy? He chested it like a champ. See this life ehn, e no balance. Those were the infamous lines she used to begin the torturous journey for my guy, Laycon. STILL, he would care for her, simp for her, watch over her and rap for her, but nothing for him o (see why I don’t like him? Why would you be wasting time like that?😑 When no be say this suffer resemble food, ehn!). 

He kept clinging on to those subtle words of rejection with the hope that he could maybe change her mind. Lol and so, he kept chesting L after L after L. Like bruh! Leave the freaking room! She doesn’t like you! But mbanu, it’s that well that he wanted to drown in and that hill he wanted to die on! Why naw? O wrong nau? He can’t take all the blame sha. The Lord Baelish of the house, Pastor Brighto, had his hand in this matter, always nudging Laycon to “apply pressure”. That’s story for another day. 

Now some of you will say, “What do you mean by ‘the infamous lines she used to begin the tortuous journey for my guy?'” 

Oh yes! She used those words to dribble him na. Just say NO. Like, can’t you say no? Why let the poor guy linger on the gentle words you used to turn him down? Gbó gbò eléyì kò necesTRI! Hawwnnezzley! 

We don’t blame her too though. If she had turned him down outrightly, all of you that were shipping them to become a thing would have vexed. Then a pity party mob would have come for her. Plus, Kidd is hans na, even if we no too like am (yeah, we don’t like any of them).

You, wouldn’t you like your daughter/sister/close friend to date someone like Kiddwaya? Please let’s talk true talk. 

Anyway, our G was unbothered. He whined and complained but in the end, she chose Kidd. He probably took all of this because he is that kinda guy. The one who would wait until you’re ready. Sadly, she was never ready. Instead she got evicted after giving him the meanest clearing from a lady we have ever witnessed! Like! If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. She came with the smoke! And through it all, Laycon took it like a champ. He didn’t  flip nor talk back, only smiled. Lord Baelish would’ve been proud if he was still in the house. 

It soon became obvious to all that this unbothered Laycon whose fanbase, the Icons, almost rivalled that of Erica and Kidd is equally graced as God vindicated him by removing his distraction, Erica, from his path through distraction. Shortly after, the guy who stole her heart from him was also evicted. Talk about all things working for his good!

Now, I dunno know about you but it seems grace has been covering Laycon from the outset. And that baby-like vibe of his where you chastise him but he keeps coming back to you and doesn’t take things personally is probably why he is apparently one of the favourites on the show.  

PS: If you were looking for how to chest L and you got this far without getting it (see what we did there? 😏), then you probably already chest Ls on a regular cuz everything Laycon did for Erica must be normal to you. For us, it isn’t.  

PPS: I mean, why chop L when you can chop spaghetti? 😋

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother Naija: How to chest Your L like Laycon

  1. Sincerely chopping L is not beans o.
    I salute guys that have eaten it, choked on it, swallowed it like eba or amala.
    As for Erica, she didn’t try at all.
    I liked her initially but then she started joncing and I left her ship.
    I hope to see Laycon at the finals anyway!

    1. It’s not beans o, that’s why they eat it with bread😂😂

      Laycon is definitely getting into the finals. I believe so.


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