It’s My Birthday – Q & A

It's my birthday
I’ma do what I like
I'ma wear what I like
I'ma party tonight
Goddamn, it's my birthday
Everybody love me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, look at me, gimme money
Damn, it's my birthday
Everybody love me...
Bolaji Gelax

Whoop, whoop! Guess who was born on International Day of Happiness… that’s right ME! 😉

Little wonder I’m always so full of energy and ever bubbly, right?

I am the Queen Mother of the Pisces zodiac sign #PisceanBeauty #PisceanQueen (yeah fam, I believe in zodiac signs 😊). And to celebrate my birthday, I asked on my social media pages that questions be sent in for this “Get To Know Me” post.

Without much ado, let’s dive into your thought-provoking questions y’all #Galaxy asked ✨

A. T.: What’s the greatest challenge life has thrown at you?

Ans: Honestly, I’ve been brooding over this question since I got it, trying to think of what my greatest challenge has been so far. I’m not even trying to sound like a superwoman or something, just that I don’t think it is a unique challenge. Coupled with the fact that it has also been a source of motivation; it doesn’t exactly make it feel like a challenge.

Nevertheless, I believe the greatest challenge life has thrown at me so far is not getting the needed or expected love and support from the very few persons I’ve always thought I needed it from the most. Knowing that these peeps are not there to share my tough and happy life moments with me, even though I want that so badly, I don’t know… it just kinda makes life harder and lonely, sometimes.

Then again, knowing I’m on my own, pushes me always to do me and go for exactly what I want, paying no attention to their discerning voices.

If you do not matter to those who should matter, why should they matter in your matter?

Bolaji Gelax

A.T.: What’s your advice for up and coming writers?

Ans: Hmmm… I don’t know if I’ve earned the right to be giving piece(s) of advice to anyone on writing. However, I’d like to say, if writing is what you love and want to do, then write.

And if it happens that you don’t know what to write about, or you don’t feel confident in your writing skills, still write.

Also, get you a good writing coach/mentor and don’t ever try to sound (write) like any one else. Find your voice and polish it. Good luck!  

N. N.: Is Gelax your actual name?

Ans: According to Oxford dictionary, a name is a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

To answer your question, yes, Gelax is my actual name.

G. A.: How old are you?

Weren’t you told not to ask a girl her age?😕

Anyway, I’m vicenarian.

G. A.: Sho ti wa engaged? (Are you engaged?)

Ans: As at the time this question was asked, no.

N. N.: When are you coming to marry me?

Ans: Eeerrrrmmm… excuse you? I’m not going to marry anyone; a man has to come to marry me. So yeah 😜

D. O.: Is there a place for me in your heart?

Ans: Yes! Absolutely! If you have subscribed to my Flowery World, you read my content, like, comment, constructively criticize and also support my brand, you’ve got yourself a special place in my heart. *wink*

A Thousand Persons (mostly men): Are you single?

Ans: Yes, I am single.

V.R.: Is your last name Gelax or is it a nickname?

Ans: Gelax is my name but not my last name.

V.R: Is it a native name? And What does it mean?

Ans: As a matter of fact, ‘Gelax’ is not native to any race, tribe or religion. It was coined by an old friend and given to me as a gift. Believe me when I say it was love at first sight – or should I say, love at first mention. 😀

Gelax means, “I’m still who I am no matter what life throws at me.” The name serves as a constant reminder that my life is in my hands – the choices I make, my reactions to things, my actions, who I choose to allow into my life, who I let go, etc., are my decision. I may not be able to change or control what life brings my way but these other things, I can, I should and I must take charge of.

To answer your first question; yes, Gelax was a nickname but nah, not anymore. I’m an intentional being. The name now carries too much weight to be an ordinary nickname which is why I intend to adopt it legally. 💯

When I finalize the legal process, I’ll write extensively on why this name, GELAX means a lot to me.

Nate: Why do you do what you do? Why do you write? What informed Gelax Chatroom?

Ans: Firstly, this is about a hundred questions squeezed into three short sentences…

a). I do what I do because I love it. It gives me so much joy and I derive fulfilment in doing what I love to do; writing, blogging, presenting, acting, costuming, et ce tera.

b). About writing; I’ve always been a paper and pen girl. I love to write with multiple colours of pen because it is easier to for me to assimilate things in different colours or patterns.

My dad gave me my first diary decades ago (I suddenly feel old typing that 😭), and since then, I’ve been hooked on penning down my thoughts, ideas and just about any random stuff that pops up in my head.

Anyway, I write because it is my haven. When I’m not writing, I’m either talking, eating or reading. Writing is more like a rejuvenation room for me. It gives me the time to think, search my soul, clear my mind, and recall what I may have lost while I was busy with the affairs of the world. I believe I write because it provides a safe and quiet place to hear my own thoughts.

c). Well, I have a vision to build an entertainment empire (God help me). The brand Gelax Chatroom, is a subset of that vision. We started as a YouTube channel, now we have a blogging website, and I sincerely, can’t wait to see what’s next.

T.T.: What drives you?

Ans: to avoid writing an epistle, I’ll just highlight them; Hunger (for food). Love. Passion. Happiness. Gelax.

For more details, please bear with me, I’ll explain it all in my memoir.

T.t.: I don’t really know your story but I can tell you are resilient and dogged. We have been monitoring your journey…*laughs*

Ans: Firstly, T.T., I am flattered by your kind words. I wish I could delve into all the details right now but mehn, we won’t finish this matter today…LOL.

However, I can say this to you; make sure you have a clear picture of where you want to be or who you want to become in your head. If possible, have it printed out and pasted where you can always see it. Whenever life gets hard, look at your ‘vision-image’ and draw strength from the fact that where you are headed is too great to lose out on. Also, I hope you can find answers to your question from other answers I’ve given in this post.

D.J.: Have you finally done the do or you’re still keeping it until marriage?

NB: For those new to Gelax Chatroom, please check out my YouTube video (My Celibacy Struggle) for better understanding of D.J’s question.

Ans: Nah, I’m still not doing the do, yet.


A very big thank you to everyone who sent in their question(s), I hope I was able to answer them to your satisfaction. I particularly enjoyed this episode because most of the questions made me think deeply to find answers.

Again, thank you dearest #Galaxy for the love.

Happy birthday to me and all March 20 babies. We rock!💞


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