Back in secondary school, my proprietress told the girls that our husbands were already in their final year in university. “Some are already working,” she’d say. She also told the boys that their wives were still in primary school.

I know she always said that to discourage us from dating ourselves but there’s still an iota of truth to it. This theory of hers didn’t stop us back then though.😂 As a teenager and young adult, I always said I wanted to marry a man about 10-15 years older than me.
These days, I get the question, “Can you date a younger man?” thrown at me often, and honestly, I do not give a definite answer. Who knows, right?
There’s something research has shown about a woman’s calendar; in our younger years i.e. teen to young adulthood, a larger percentage of our suitors are men much older. Meanwhile, as we approach late twenties and early thirties, most of our suitors turn out to be within our age bracket.

However, women in their thirties and above, who are lucky to still have a good shape tend to attract younger men. We also find ourselves attracted to men in this category.
Sadly, women within this age bracket who have lost their shape suffer in the hands of matchmakers (overly ‘concerned’ mothers, aunts, church members, colleagues, neighbors, etc), who always attempt to hook them up with a divorcee or a widower. Jeez… aaarrgh!

Why we have a problem with a woman being with a younger man on this part of the world still beats me. Especially, considering the fact that we don’t exactly frown at the men who do the same thing.

Like can we let people enjoy their lives without prejudice? If a woman finds love (word used guardedly) in a man young enough to be her son or nephew, so be it! I believe age shouldnt be the reason why you have to give up the beauty, glow, joy and contentment amongst other things that love brings. 

So my darling big sister, if you find a man who is emotionally matured, financially stable (or not), respects you and most importantly, is not intimidated by your age or achievements, why bother you pretty head with what who thinks? It is your life after all, go for it!

I had a very interesting conversation with a lady last week about this topic but the thought of some underage who visit this blog is keeping me from divulging the details 😋 but this I can tell you; dating a significantly younger man can be extremely exciting and adventurous! 😉

Live and let live, abeg!
From me to you,
PS: As I write this post, Lagbaja’s song Knock Knock Knock is coincidentally playing and I think it’s just the perfect song to round up this post. “Don’t shut your heart to love,” -he advises.
Find the song if you can, it’s #TBT after all. Cheers! 💋
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7 thoughts on “DATING A YOUNGER MAN – #MyTakeYourTake

  1. True, I also do not think age should matter so far as there is respect and mutual understanding between both parties…

  2. I’ve always been drawn to both younger men and much older men but rainow…your girl is beginning to eye the older men more. And my kind of old man is one who has never been married before nor has any kids. I don’t want drama in my life. 😂😂😂

  3. Oh yes, apologies for the different fonts in this post. I promise, it’s not me💁
    Wordpress is just showing off for whatever reason 🤷


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