Diamonds in the Sky is one of those movies whose perfection awes you. Initially released on August 7, 2019, but only recently featured on Netflix, the movie starred arts like Femi Adebayo, Toyin Abraham, Joke Silva, and Omowunmi Dada. Using a parallel plot structure, the movie tells the story of three families who are united by a common denominator—cancer.

Diamonds in the sky review - Gelax Chatroom

Tenilola (Omowunmi Dada) is an undergraduate student dating Kayode (Femi Adebayo) who usually gives her pills after sex. Concerned that the pills might stop her from having children in the future, she tells Kayode that they should practice abstinence until they’re married. He agrees.

Alhaja Aisha (Joke Silva) takes over the affairs of her husband’s company after his demise. A shocking revelation would make her resign from her position as the MD and hands over to her only son, Falsai. However, her husband’s brother, Idi, refuses vehemently, posing a challenge to Falsai’s taking over as the MD.

Diamonds in the sky - movie review

Though from humble means, Labake has a loving husband and a happy home. But a growing lump in her breast soon becomes a matter of concern to her.

What Tenilola thinks is a menstrual cramp becomes a bigger health scare. Kayode takes her to his uncle’s private hospital where she is diagnosed of cervical cancer. Her relationship with Kayode becomes threatened when Kayode’s uncle tells his parents that their son is dating a lady who can’t have children. Kayode’s mother says only over her dead body will her only son marry a barren woman. But it is skilfully revealed to us that the actual reason for her opposition is because Tenilola is Egbira.

Devastated, Tenilola asks that she and Kayode be separated but he stands by her and even takes her to another hospital for a second diagnosis. It is in this same hospital that Alhaja Aisha is diagnosed of cervical cancer, and Labake is diagnosed of cancer of the breast. Tenilola, though, has no reason to be afraid as the first diagnosis was wrong—whether or not the uncle did this intentionally is left for us to judge.

Diamonds in the sky review - Gelax Chatroom

Basically, Diamonds in the sky is a movie meant to raise awareness about cancer. The beautiful script by the award-winning scriptwriter, Tunde Babalola, and flawless acting on the part of the cast, overshadow all unnecessary shalayes. I wouldn’t have expected less, though, seeing that most of the arts are the crème la crème of Nollywood.

This is a movie I will recommend for everyone that loves a good story. And there’s also a sprinkling of humour and a happily forever after for the romantics.

The movie was directed by Kunle Afolayan and produced by Femi Adebayo for Leah Foundation.

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Adeola Juwon

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7 thoughts on “IT’S A 10/10 FOR DIAMONDS IN THE SKY

  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but for Juwon to rate a Nollywood movie 10/10, I’m definitely watching it this weekend.

    Ah ah! Juwon, rated a movie 10/10 Oh wow! It’s a must watch for me.

    1. Oh wow!
      For Juwon, a very difficult person to please, to rate this movie 10/10, that means it is indeed a banger!
      I am already thrilled that it is one that creates awareness and most of the cast mentioned are actors that I usually enjoy their movies.
      This weekend, ‘Diamonds in the sky’, is a must-watch for me.
      Thank you, Juwon!

      1. I know right! His positive review heightened my interest in the movie.

        Please, do let the #Galaxy know what you think about the movie after watching.


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