How I Fell in Love

Have you ever fallen in love? This is a tale of how I fell in love with…

I’ve always wanted to fall in love. I’ve loved quite all right, but I’m not sure I have ever fallen in love. Okay, maybe once or twice, I think. But really, I’ve always longed for that deep connection with something, someone. It’s like a void in my heart that yearns to be filled with love –a mutual true love.

Somewhere in my head, I believe one must get a certain heart-gripping feeling when they are in love. Am I even making any sense?

Purple has always been the love of my life – my favourite colour. I knew I loved Purple and it loved me equally. Clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, accessories, nail polish – you name it – in Purple, they always, always look good on me.

Scratch that! Purple invariably looks gorgeous on me or better put, I never cease to look breathtaking in purple (pick whichever works for you *tongue out*).

Okayyy… Enough bragging now, Bee.

Purple has been my love and bestie for as long as I can remember. Actually, as I think about it, I believe my first love was Blue. As a young child, I loved blue so much. I would look up at the sky and admire how beautiful it looked in blue. I was never one of the baby girls crazy about Pink. Yuck!

But, as I matured, I began to love Purple. I thought of myself as a lady of royalty in purple. Purple, to me, was a symbol of transition into class. I thought of Purple as strong, mature, beautiful, powerful, royal, independent, yet as feminine as a woman should be. I found me a lifelong buddy in Purple.

Royalty… I told ya !

However, from time to time, I tend to forget what and how much Purple means to me. I go to the market and find myself buying things in other colours. Sometimes, I even stumble on a particular item I like but end up picking one in another colour instead of purple.

That makes me feel guilty. It feels like a betrayal of Purple.

I was arranging my clothes one evening in my room when my roommate said to me, “I think your best colour is green.”

“Nope, it’s purple,” I countered and continued with what I was doing.

“Have you noticed how many green clothes and items you have?” She obviously wasn’t ready to let me off the hook.

I did not respond. My favourite colour was purple and that was it. You ain’t gonna tell me what my favourite colour is now, are you, girl?

“See… Can you see? 1, 2, 3… 8…” That was her counting how many green clothes I had.

“Okay, okay, I get your point. That still does not mean it’s my favourite colour.” The Ekiti in me wasn’t going to give in that easily. (People from Ekiti state are said to be characteristically headstrong.)

“I’ll prove it to you, don’t worry.” I had forgotten she matched me in strong headedness. I should really ask what state she’s from; that babe is stubborn, too.

She did prove it to me. She made sure she pointed it out each time I was wowed or gushed about anything green. Turned out I did that a lot more than I’d like to admit.

That was it. There was no point denying what was obvious. Green had crept up on me. Green chose me. Green stole my heart. Green adored me. And I… I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with Green.

I didn’t want to.

Want to hear something weird? I’ve always thought somewhere in my head that I must experience heartbreak in order to unleash my capacity to fall in love. I wrote about it here.

Is it also crazy that I think there is a love that makes you sleepless?

A love that makes your heart skip at every mention of its name

A love that sends butterflies fluttering in your belly each time you hear it speak

A love that sends shivers down your spine whenever it looks into your eyes

A love that makes you blush whenever its thought crosses your mind

A love that makes you feel, without it, you may never breathe again

A love that you do not mind being rebellious for

A love that you will fight anyone and everyone, anything and everything for

A love so strong and loud, yet so gentle and quiet

A love that makes you understand what L-O-V-E means

A love that enters a crowded room and in that instance, it’s just you and Love

A love so deep, even the oceans are jealous…



My feelings for Green are unlike any I’ve ever felt before. Nothing compared to Blue’s or Purple’s. I still love Purple and I always will, but with Green, it is a very different kind of love. Green, to me, is renewal, freshness, newness, growth, energy, youthfulness, exhilaration, potentials, dreams and peace. It is actually more than I can explain or put into words.

Best part? I didn’t get my heart broken before I fell in love with Green.

Photo credit: Ifedolapo

I hope to someday write about how I fell in love with GREEN, well, Mr Green, that is.


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