She’s Not You

By Bolaji Gelax & Rogers Wanambwa

Her: She was your first love
Him: And you are my last love!

Her: And the fact that you were with her for many years haunts me, no matter how hard I try!
Him: Well, to be honest, they were not enough because here I am with you.

Her: I can’t help but wonder if I make you as happy as she did?
Him: You make me more than happy, the ring on your finger is testament to how much.

Her: The way you hold my hand when we go on a stroll, was that the way you held hers?
Him: Maybe we never used to go on such strolls and it’s our thing! Ever thought of that?

Her: Is her hand softer than mine?
Him: You are a hardworking woman, let’s not compare such trivial things!

Her: Is her hug warmer than mine?
Him: You are my rest.

Her: Is her smile brighter than mine?
Him: I look forward to seeing your radiant smile every day.

Her: Is her laughter more melodious than mine?
Him: Your laughter brings harmony to our home.

Her: Do your friends think I’m special too?
Him: When I told them I’m going to marry you, they said that’s the best decision of my life.

Her: Will your parents like me as much as they liked her?
Him: Here’s the thing, being civil is not the same thing as loving someone! Mom helped me pick your ring.

Her: Will your siblings connect with me enough to want to be friends with me as well?
Him: My sisters keep asking for you to join them, it’s you that has been shy to!

Her: I like when you call me ‘baby’ but I hate that you called her that too.
Him: From today, you’re my Queen. Problem solved😊

Her: Just the other day, I saw a picture of you with her while going through your old facebook pictures.
You never told me she was that beautiful!!
Him: My Queen, your beauty is a marvel to look at. When I walk with you, I always want to shout “she’s mine” in the streets. Do you even know how envious other girls are because of you? Even my best friends threaten to steal you if I don’t handle you very well every day. You really don’t need to doubt yourself.

Her: Her dentition is so perfect I’ve not been able to laugh fully with you since then!
My gosh, the shape of her!
Him: Hahaha, but sweetheart, what were you doing going through all those pictures? Aren’t they from ages ago? Maybe I should remove them!

But seriously honey, you are perfect, more than perfect for me.

Her: How could you leave a girl with a body that would make Kim Kardashian go green with envy for a bony fish like me?
Now, I feel too skinny, too flat and too hipless.
I’ve never felt less beautiful.
Him: You are curvaceous enough. Do you even realize how your body makes me feel? I go crazy whenever I think about it!

Her: You are my first love
Him: And I love you only!

Her: And I love you with all my heart, I really do, but how do I compete with the woman you loved and made memories with for seven years?
Him: I am looking forward to making memories with you for the rest of my life. Does that count?

Her: I started that cooking class when I found out she’s a chef and I can’t even boil water without burning it!
Him: I was wondering why you all of a sudden decided to join it out of the blue! 😊

Her: I don’t get it, how can you claim to love me after being with such a perfect human?
Him: If she were really perfect, we wouldn’t have split. You know why we did but you still insist on being this insecure?

Her: I can’t help but wonder if you still think about her when you’re with me?
Him: Here’s the thing, she is just a friend and you know that. What you are saying has never even crossed my mind. I’m way too smitten by you to think about another while I’m with you!

Her: Do you still love her?
Him: What? Seriously? No, of course not!

Her: Do you miss her?
Him: Sweetheart, if you knew what you are to me, you would know that your company makes me forget any other person!

Her: Do you love me as much as you loved her?
Him: That would be an insult to our love! I love you more than I ever loved her. Again, my proposal to marry you should be testament enough!

Her: I’m afraid that when it comes to you, I’d always compare myself to her.
Him: Honey, you can decide to dwell on the past, or look forward to writing our future. The choice is yours but I have never showed you anything else.

Most importantly, she’s not you. And will never be.

Rogers is a Ugandan blogger, you can find his amazing works here.


Bolaji Gelax

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20 thoughts on “She’s Not You

  1. … reminds me of an encounter during one of my travels.

    Lol I love how he didn’t get tired of reassuring her! Gas up your babyyyyyy!

  2. Her self esteem needs weed so it can rise.

    Insecurities are like cancer cells, they eat you up slowly and if you don’t nip them in the bud early, they will take you whole.

    Dear insecure lady, enjoy your present Boo and stop doing comparison.

    Bp medicines are now expensive. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

  3. Hmm.
    This one weak me ooo
    The insecurity is topnotch.
    Haba, life’s too short to dwell on this past.
    Please embrace now and enjoy love whenever it comes your way.
    But I’ve fallen for Rogers sha
    Tell him he has a crush in Naija.

    1. It went to Harvard and came back with a first class degree sef πŸ˜‚

      I’m sorry, what? Please, please, please, Rogers has already been taken by me! πŸ˜•


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