Get To Know Me (Bolaji Gelax) #1


My name is Bolaji Gelax and this is my very first โ€œGet To Know Meโ€ post on the blog.

Last month, I asked that you guys ask me questions – anything you would like to know about me. I only got a few questions on the blog, twitter and on WhatsApp, and here are the answers to those questions.

Lekan on W/A: Why did you leave radio?

Gelax: I did not exactly leave radio. I only took a break because I was, and still I’m, trying to get on TV. Radio is that one thing I think I’ll do till I have no teeth left… maybe online radio or podcast but yeah.

Gboyega on GC: At what point in your life did you figure that you were made for Arts?

Gelax: I honestly can’t say when exactly. I remember that as a little girl, I wanted to be a lot of things from shoemaker to teacher, dancer, mother, hairdresser… the list goes on and on… LOL. But I’ve always loved reading, writing (I’ve been keeping diary since I was like 9), acting and of course, TALKING. So to answer your question, I’m not sure.

Patrick on GC: Do you think of what to write and prepare your thoughts or you write what comes to mind instantly and fill the empty sheets?

Gelax: I’m a very spontaneous person. I could see, hear or experience something, and my first thought is, hmmm… that would make a good post e.g. Big Belly Button, Life In Candy Crush and My Eko Series. Once I get an idea, I either record a voice note or make a draft on my notepad and from there, I develop the content and post.

Bright on Twitter: What did you study in uni?

Gelax: Agricultural Science, Crop Production and Protection

Brown on Twitter: When last did you have sex?

Gelax: Physically, no date. In my head, just yesterday… LMAO

Busayo on W/A: When are you going to stop been celibate?

Gelax: Day break after my wedding.

Moseye on W/A: Do you finally have confirm sense? I know the type you have, I mean the original one?

Gelax: I wanted to strangle you when I read your question but…. Thank God for Christ. Like WTH b**ch?? Ans: Yes, I have original sense.

Those were the questions I got and with that, we’ve come to the end of the very first ‘Get To Know Me’ post. I’m certain we shall have more episodes.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions, I hope I answered them to your satisfaction. I’ll be letting you know when the next Get To Know Me post will be coming up.

Catch ya!


Bolaji Gelax

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  1. My Twitter people must sha ask direct questions on “doing the do”! what happened to when last did you lick ice cream? Shior! ๐Ÿ˜Œ


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