Give It All by Tosan Edun

Tosan Edun gave nothing but her all in her latest release, Give It All

The song begins with the sound of pouring waters. If like me you like to ascribe meaning to things, you would say it depicts peace and ambience. And you won’t be far from the truth.

Then the sweet chords of the piano ushered in the drums, and the guitar solo follows. The perfect intro the instrumentation gives the song is what first struck me, how every instrument climbs upon each other in harmony. They confer on one’s heart a posture of worship, they set the mood, such that by the time Tosan Edun’s deep contralto voice—a sonic miracle— comes in, my hands are already raised in worship.

In a time when worship songs have more emotional lyrics that have no sound Biblical root, Tosan’s Give It All reveals a singer who is deeply brewed in the Word, God’s Word. Myriads of verses come to mind as she sings about the love of God that passes all understanding (Eph 3:19, Phillipians 4:7).

Your love is more than I can comprehend
Your love is more than I can understand
Your love is more than I can comprehend
Your love is love that will never end

On the timeless love of Jesus, His sacrifice and substitutionary work, she sings:

Before I knew you love me
You pay the highest price for me
When you hung upon the tree
You took my place and now I live
Hands raised in abandon, I sing along as she declares
I give my life
Lord I give it all

The guitar solo comes in, the drums kick and bass guitar are now prominent as she and her backups repeat the first verse.

Now, I have given myself to the spiritual expressions the song is impressing in me. Hands still raised, I am singing along, in tongues.

The drum rolls and the song takes a slightly higher pitch as she reaffirms the surrender of her all to God. I do too.

This song is worship in all the sense of the word as it leads the worshipper to a place of utmost surrender because of the acknowledgment of the love of Christ. Tosan Edun’s first offering, Give It All, is a song that takes listeners through a journey of surrender and an experience of true worship.

In all, this is a song that deserves a breakthrough into the mainstream. I can’t wait for this gift from heaven to become a favourite on every worshippers’ tongue.

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Adeola Juwon

Adeola Juwon is a Nigerian Writer, Poet and Art Critic whose works have appeared on or forthcoming in Kalahari Review, Kreative Diadem, Lagos Review, EroGospel and elsewhere. He considers himself a connoisseur of African Music, and he adores the Oxford Comma.

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