A story about love, betrayal, heartbreak and letting go

“DO YOU WANT MINE?” I asked. 

I was stunned by the question myself. Where did that come from? Why would I want to give up Mine? I didn’t know where the question came from but I knew how it felt. As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew it was over.

Because it felt right.


I’ve always wanted you. I felt envious whenever I saw you in the arms of another; that always made me think…

“You should be mine.” 
“I want you to be mine.”
“When will you be mine?”  

There were days I got close enough just to have a feel of you. I would stare into your bright eyes unashamedly. I asked every question I could think of because I needed to understand you better before you became mine. I wanted you so badly but I wasn’t going to steal you.

“I’d wait for you.” I kept telling myself. 

I knew when the time was right; you would find your way to me. And you did. Three years ago, you finally came into my life.

The one that I prayed for
The one that I waited for
The one that I saved for
The one that I prepared for

You took your time. Heck! You took excessively long, but you eventually became mine.

Oh, how happy I was to call you, MINE. Nothing was the same again. I was filled with fresh zeal. Your entrance into my life filled me with renewed strength to take on the world, in ways I never thought possible. It always felt like you could see my heart, you knew my dreams, you felt my passion, and you chose to be on my journey with me.

I knew then that ours was going to be a great relationship.

Mine and I moved in together. He became my companion – in everything. If we didn’t go out together, he was always waiting for me no matter what time I got home. He never for once grumbled when I made him work his butt out because of my dreams. He encouraged my growth and watched me bloom. He was there when I cried, just sitting in a corner listening to me pour my heart out, after which he serenaded me with sweet music.

Mine was more advanced than me. Through his eyes, I saw parts of the world my feet have never been. He was my coach. He taught me many things. I could be in the room with him all day, smiling, ‘awwwing’, hissing or laughing hard at the things he shared with me. He was my entertainer. He played the music while I danced. He cracked the jokes that made me laugh till I wet my pants. He told me stories that got me fantasizing. And when it was time to work, he worked with me overtime, without demanding anything in return.

How lucky I was that you were mine.

I had about a half-dozen new friends while we were together but none was as loyal to my dreams and me as Mine. None could stand the test of time. Mine was the only one who stood by me through thick and thin. He was a solid rock I could always count on. He made me happy. I could never have asked for a better partner as I started out my career. We grew as thick as thieves.

Mine was my catalyst
Mine was my friend
Mine was my family
Mine was mine – until Mine wasn’t mine anymore.
sad saying goodbye
sad saying goodbye

(To be continued)

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Bolaji Gelax

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