A story about love, betrayal, heartbreak  and letting go

Holla Dearest #Galaxy! Good to have you back here for the third part of my first series on the blog. You should catch Part 1 and 2 here, if you haven’t. One more part and it’ll be a wrap! Don’t want to give any spoilers but… never mind.

I’m sorry, you’ll just have to wait for Part 4 *tongue out*

Saying goodye

Part 3

You were the reason I cheated.
You are to blame, not me.
You made me do it, Mine.

I’m not trying to shift blames here, but…

You started this game.

I started cheating more and more and I wasn’t feeling bad about it, because you started this. I knew you weren’t cheating on me but you could as well have been. You started this when you stopped supporting my dreams. You started this when you stopped fighting for me, for us. You started this when you made me cry. You started this when you became a shadow of yourself.

With all that was happening between us, I still couldn’t bring myself to stop loving you. I kept hoping we could somehow retrace our steps and return into each other’s arms. There was no way on earth I was going to let us ruin this relationship we’ve spent years building.

You were mine.
The one I longed for.
The one I prayed for.
The one I waited for.

I was going to keep fighting for you, for us.

Until that morning…


I had decided it was time we brought someone in. If this was going to work, we needed help. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. So, I invited the doctor over.

After a long session, the doctor asked that I left you two alone. I didn’t even give it a second thought. “Anything to save my relationship,” I said as I excused both of you.

I sat in a chair in the other room, dreaming about how different things would be henceforth as I waited for you, my Mine. Your section with the doctor was taking too long but I waited. Even though patience isn’t one of my virtues, I still patiently waited for you.

I did not mind actually. After all, I’ve waited for you before. 

After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor called me back into the room and announced, “He’s good now.” “Really?” I asked in excitement. The joy I felt was uncontainable. The doctor nodded with a smile.

Slowly, I walked up to you, a larger than life smile on my face. Finally, we’ll be good again. I touched your cheeks gingerly as you stared blankly into my eyes.

“Mine?” I called. No response. I turned to the doctor, “What’s wrong with Mine?” The doctor had no answer but I noticed you were avoiding my gaze. What have you done? My heart whispered.

Then I saw it. What broke the camel’s back.

How dare you?! My face burned with anger. You betrayed me. You allowed the doctor strip you of my heart. “What did you do to my heart,” I asked the doctor angrily. “What heart?” he looked genuinely confused.

Dammit! How could you do this to me, Mine?

After what seemed like eternity of the three of us just staring, I asked, “Do you want Mine?”

I was stunned by the question myself. Where did that come from? Why would I want to give up Mine? I don’t know where that came from but I knew how it felt. As soon as the question left my mouth, I knew it was over.

Because it felt right.

“You can have Mine.” I reassured the doctor with a smile. What was the point in holding on when Mine was clearly done with me? For Mine to let go of the piece of my heart he had held sacredly for so long, the one piece that meant the most to me; throwing that away at a point where I had brought someone in to help us could only mean one thing…

We were done!

(To be continued)

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