I Love Christmas #Blogmas Day 3

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Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero año y felicidad

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart

Bienvenidos amigos, feliz Navidad de antemano –that is Spanish for, “Welcome friends, merry Christmas in advance!”

Welcome to the Day 3 of my blogmas. I know, I know, the rest of the world is on Day 4 already but hey, it’s better to stand out than fit in, yeah? *wink*

If you are just joining my blogmas 2019 series, you should definitely catch up with the gists and memories I shared about what Christmas season was like for me as a child and as a teenager. ‘Cause today’s post is all about what Christmas has been like for me as an adult.

Christmas as an adult has definitely been better than it was as a teenager.

My best Christmas so far was when I travelled to Benin Republic to celebrate the holidays with my Best Girl. It was fantabulous! Too great I will be making an entire post about it on this blogmas series.

Here is the gist yeah…

Mumsy raises her own chickens from when they are about a week old up until table size, which is always right in time for Christmas. She’s not one for organically bloated chickens. We never eat frozen chicken at home. This hobby of mumsy’s meant we always have more than enough chicken to eat during the holidays but sadly, that equally means many more feathers to pluck. Yuck!

I can actually picture the white chickens in my head as they lift their legs gingerly, moving their weighty meaty bodies around the cage.

By the way, who else has noticed that ‘Agric Chickens’ are always, always gullible! They never understand “come” or “go” no matter how much you shout at them. They just carry their legs like a beauty pageant contestant in a parade, one in front of the other, one step at a time. Gosh! Wó̩n ti gò̩ jù (they are not smart at all)

White Christmas Chicken -Christmas 2019
Image from www.purelypoultry.com

I remember the year my younger sister thought she was a super woman and offered to kill one of the Christmas chickens. I could and still would never think of doing that in my life! She brought the heavy chicken out of the cage and struggled a little before she got it down on the slaughter pavement. I can’t even hold a live chicken in my hands. To think I’m a graduate of Agricultural Science #shame.

Anyway, she put the chicken’s legs under one of her feet and the wings under her other foot. My second sister handed her the sharpened knife and the brave sister set to work.

It was time to pay back all that Mumsy had invested in it in the past few months. All the feeds it had eaten, our water, left over rice and the shovels full of faeces we’ve had to clean up for 12 weeks thereabout; now was the time to reap the reward. More like slaughter, boil and fry the reward actually. And my sister was the tax collector.

She pulled out some of the tender feathers on its neck to make the cutting of the chicken’s neck easier for her.

I could not bring myself to look at the atrocious act about to be committed, so I stepped back and tried focusing my mind on something else –something nice like peppered fried chicken served with a glass of chilled lemonade. Few seconds later, I heard both my sisters, and the chicken screaming.

A scared me turned around quickly to see the chicken hopping round the compound with its head half-way off the neck, and blood was spouting out of the neck all over the place.

 Apparently, my ‘brave sister’ had panicked while cutting the chicken’s throat and had released it before she could finish the slaughtering. Jeez! The sight was horrible. I joined them in the screaming. I didn’t know why they were screaming but I think mine was because I felt sorry for the poor chicken that obviously was in pain.

My “brave sister” had no idea what to do with the half-alive chicken hopping around the compound with blood everywhere. I can’t exactly recall how the story ended, but I think my dad was the one who finished the killing. We still laugh about this story in my house.

A lot has changed about my Christmas since my teenage years. I now have the liberty to celebrate my Christmas wherever and however I want, as much as my pocket permits me.

I remember a Christmas I spent a few years ago in Kaduna; not at my mama’s house, but with my then-boyfriend’s family. It was fun. Being in love can be really fun and exciting, you know!

Gosh! I’m actually blushing right now.

Nope! Sorry, not spilling today! *tongue out*

I must say, I’ve been enjoying Christmas as an adult. It’s been a different kind of fun compared to the one I had as a little girl. I love the fact that I can decide how I want to celebrate each Christmas and who I want to celebrate it with now. I’ve picked up a few traditions that I’m loving, and I plan to add more to the list, even before marriage.

However, I had the most boring Christmas ever two years ago.

I was still working at the radio then, and I was on the afternoon belt.

Yup! On 25th December 2017, I was at the studio from 12pm to 5pm.

My show, which used to be super fun and perhaps, the best lunch show in the state, was exceptionally dry that day. There was not a single caller, no messages, no tweets, no nothing. It felt like no one was even listening. It was just the DJ and I in the studio. It didn’t help that the station had not bothered to put up any Christmas decorations. For the first time, I wanted to go home to my family. I would have preferred the ol’ Christmas celebration at home to the quiet I felt that day.

Shot in 2017 by Daniel Ose

And for the first time in my teenage and adult life, I longed for some Christmas jollof rice and chicken. We sure don’t know the value of what we have until we lose it. That Christmas taught me never to look down on Christmas jollof rice, never again.

But trust me know, all in all, I still had fun in my own way. I played crazy jamz and danced my butts off in the studio.

That’s how stars do!

Between, I didn’t know the lyrics of that song until this post. You don’t want to know what I’ve been singing all my life… heheheee


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  1. Lolz. I can totally relate with the half-alive chicken. Had similar experience with my sister and my cousin who likes forming “James Bond” ordinary chicken he could not complete the killing process and it chased us round the compound. I am not even sure if I have forgiven him self. Lolz.


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