I Quit My Job In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Resigning from my job during covid-19 pandemic wasn’t the easiest decision, but it had to be done.

I loved my job. I love the people I worked with. And when I say my colleagues were the best, I mean it. Sabi Writers was/is home but,

Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.

Judith Thurman

I’ve been very restless in my spirit for the past three months. I was basically struggling with everything work but Gelax Chatroom. It made absolutely no sense. I had no major issue in my life, so I didn’t get it. It took a while but I later figured it out. It was time to quit my job.

The job I didn’t want but needed and eventually came to love.

It was after my second eviction in Lagos, I had no place to stay so I moved to Akure to lay my head till I figure out what to do next. My friend sent me a job link and told me to apply. It was a writing job. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in it. He called me later that day to find out if I had applied and when I told him I hadn’t, he insisted I did. He said he would call me back to confirm if I had. Just to get him off my case, I sent in my application for the job.

I had been working on a script for a client and even though writing had been paying my bills more than any other job I’d done, I didn’t pride myself as a writer. I wanted to be on TV, acting, presenting and producing. That was what I wanted, not writing.

I was in the kitchen one morning cooking spaghetti when a call came in interrupting the boring programme I was listening to on the radio. (Seriously though, Akure radio stations still have a long way to go as regards entertainment🤦 ) The caller introduced himself and told me my job application was well received. What application? Oh, yeah, that’s right! I applied to be a resident writer. Interesting!
They were wondering if I could come in the next day for an interview. Heheheee… I legit laughed.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t make it”.
“Well, firstly, I’m not in Lagos at the moment”.
“Where are you?”
“Ondo State”.
“Oh. When are you returning to Lagos?”
I chuckled.
“I don’t know”, I stated matter of fact.
“I mean are you coming back to Lagos next week or something”.
“I really don’t know, sir”. I confessed.
“I will call you again”. He said, “Enjoy the rest of your day”.

I lost my appetite after that call. See, I had filled the job application form like someone who didn’t want the job, because I didn’t. I did not even inform my aunt I was staying with that I applied for it. When I told her about the call after she got back from work, she was surprised and happy.

I was indifferent.

“You have to call them back”. She said.
“What for?”
“What do you mean what for? Ti ba da e nigbaju!” (If I smack your face)
“But why should I call them back? It’s not like there’s any guarantee I’ll get the job and if by any stroke of luck I do, where would I stay in Lagos?”
“Are you God? Why have you been praying if you don’t trust Him?”

I had no counter argument.

Next thing, I called my friend and told him that I got a call from the company, he also thought I should give them a call back. I told him I would.

I didn’t.

About three weeks after, a lady with a sweet voice called me from this same company. Hian! What do you people want from me?”
She asked if I could come in the next day for an interview.
“I won’t be able to do that”.
“Why not? Where do you stay in Lagos?”
“Igando”. At least, that was where I stayed.
“Oh, that’s really close to the office!” She sang.
“But I’m not in Lagos”, I cried. I was already tired of the call.
“Oh, I didn’t know that”.
I rolled my eyes and mimicked her silently. I wanted to ask if the last person who called didn’t give her the memo.
“Can I get back to you soon, please?”
“Yeah, sure”.

I wanted to call my friend about it but I didn’t want him to feel pressured. He was my last landlord, he would have moved mountains even if it broke his back to get me a place to stay. He’s that selfless, but I didn’t want that. So I called my aunt instead.

“Don’t be unfortunate, girl. How many people get such opportunity to be called twice for an interview with the same company? When they call you back, tell them you will be available next week”.
“And if they don’t call?”
“We will have to do the calling then. Save that number now”.
“Okay, ma”.

The lady called back.
“When do you think you will be in Lagos?”
“Next week”.
“Oh, that’s great. What day exactly?”
“Tuesday”, I said without thinking.
“Nice, nice. I’ll see you on Tuesday then”.
“What?!” Is she crazy? “I said I’ll be in Lagos on Tuesday, I didn’t say I’ll at your office on Tuesday”.
“Yes, I heard you. You stay at Igando, right? That’s pretty close to the office. If you leave Ondo State early, you can get to Lagos on or before 2 PM and come in for the interview”.

Yup, this people must be crazy, and desperate. I thought.

“You want me to travel six hours by road and come in straight for an interview? Ah, there’s no way I’m doing that. Nope”.
“It’s not a big deal. The interview won’t take that long”. She laughed.
I wanted to slap her face.
“I’m sorry, but that’s not possible. I can’t do that”.
“Okay, please give me a minute to report to my boss”.

I could have sworn I heard God laughing at me. I felt like Jonah trying to run from something inevitable. Fine then, let thy will be done.

“Hello, how are you?”
“I’m fine, sir”.
“I heard you will be coming into Lagos on Tuesday, would you be willing to come for your interview the next day?”
“Yes, sir”.
“Do you have a laptop?”
“Yes, I do”.
“Good. Come with it on Wednesday. We will forward you an official invitation via email now, safe journey to Lagos”.
And that was it. Few minutes later, I got the email.

Not to bore you with more stories; I got to Lagos that very weekend, went for the interview on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 and resumed work that very day.

Now back to the restlessness in my spirit. All through June, my spirit was down. I suffered mild depression and I couldn’t figure out why. My heart was yearning for something, and it was driving me crazy. I took a few days off work for an appointment in Ogun State. When I got back to Lagos, I strongly felt the urge to embark on the 31 days of gratitude. I struggled with it because like I said, I was mildly depressed.

The day I decided I was going to do it, I called my friend and told him of my decision. I was still speaking to him about how I struggled to come to that conclusion amidst how down I was feeling, when out of nowhere, I said, “I think I’m going to resign”.

Immediately I said it, I felt some sort of peace. It was weird.

I would later find out after praying and speaking with few of the people I trust the most, that my spirit had been restless because it was nudging me towards a change. It was time to step out. The more I thought about it, the more peace I felt.

The day I dropped my letter of resignation, I felt a simultaneous wave of peace and great fear. Boy, oh, boy. I was about to be jobless in the midst of a pandemic. I’m known for doing crazy things but even this scared me. I decided I wasn’t going to tell people until the deed was done. Yesterday, after 376 days of working at my wonder workplace, I was sent forth.

Mehn, I cried. My colleagues cried. I’ll miss these guys like crazy. I made friends, formed bonds and found a support system. Someday soon, I’ll write about my experience at Sabi Writers. If I had my way, I wouldn’t leave. However, when my heart, mind and spirit begin to yearn for something, they won’t rest until we get it. That’s what has brought me thus far.
It’s sad to say goodbye, but I am excited about what’s ahead.

A poem From A Colleague

You are a spark of life and all that’s tender, and wild too.
You are a rolling fireball of laughter,
spreading ripples of joy all over.

But today we gather for a goodbye.
And in my mouth, it’s like the taste of a sour lemon,
so hard to say, so hard to say.

This is me launching out and pushing forward with nothing but faith in God and a burning fire in my heart. Ready or not, I’m doing this. And I know that He that has called me is too faithful to fail. I look forward to the next phase of my life. And you my dearest Galaxy will hear all about it, with time.

I believe I’ll find my new home soon. Until then, “Dear Star, not matter what, never stop dreaming”. ❤✨

UPDATE: my boss made a beautiful post about me ❤ this morning and I want to share it with my Galaxy. Also, I’m keeping it here for referencing. Guys, I thought I was done crying until I saw that post.😭


Bolaji Gelax

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36 thoughts on “I Quit My Job In The Midst Of A Pandemic

  1. Abraham must be giving a standing ovation right now. But most importantly, the heart of the Father will be full. Obedience and trust. May your faith be strengthened.

    Since my application is somewhere at Sabi Writers, I’ll like to think of myself as an almost-colleague. So I’ll miss you too. 😂😂😂

    Excited for the next phase in your journey.🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

    1. Ah, indeed. I wish you good luck with that, my almost-colleague. Sabi Writers is a great place to work.

      Amen. Thanks plenty plenty ❤✨

  2. I know that restlessness.
    I think you are very brave.
    I hope you are happy.
    Keep faith alive, kid.

    It’ll take a while before I walk past the creative room and not picture you there at 7pm, concentrating on your laptop.

    I will not cry! I refuse to cry!

    1. Awww… Joy! I’ve cried for two, and more already. But should you still, don’t forget to make a video and send to me. I’d love to see your crying mouth😂😂😂

      Thanks plenty plenty plenty plenty, darling. ❤✨

  3. Oh, sweetie. This restlessness you felt was my exact state August last year, and it was literally tearing me inside. One thing I know: when that wave hits you, the only thing that can bring stillness is finding the purpose and direction your heart yearns for.

    I will give you the same words God gave to me at the beginning of that restless journey, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” I am rooting for you, babe. Launch out in faith and confidence and be assured that your steps will be ordered by Abba who has gone ahead of you to make the crooked places straight.

    I am missing you already, and just because I want to keep being in your crazy life, I’m finally doing the subscription.
    That, there, is my gift to you, lmao.

  4. I normally wouldn’t reqd a blogpost in the middle or work, but I had to. Topic yen wa too juicy. It takes courage to step out into the unknown, trusting.

    You will not regret this. Your faith will pay off.

  5. Please, why is someone on standby cutting onion on this blogpost na?
    I thought we finished all the crying yesterday, why are my eyes tearing up again from just reading this?
    Hmm! Beee Jaaay!
    It feels surreal. Like you are just absent from work today and will be back by tomorrow.
    But hey, change is the only constant thing in life right?
    I am glad about this major decision and though I will miss you in the workplace, I know we will still be in touch.
    I can totally understand that restlessness you feel when your stay in a place has expired and it’s time to move.
    Just so you know, you are greatly and deeply loved and will be missed a lot.
    My consolation is that you are going upward and I can’t wait to hear your big testimony about the great things that will happen in your life.
    You will always be my blog sister and I am praying for you!

    1. Don’t mind those onion cutter! 😭

      Awww… You are so sweet. Thank you so very much! Amen to all the prayers, Bloggie Sisi. I love you too ❤✨

  6. I am reminded of Ramanujan, one of the mathematical geniuses to have come from the Orient. He got admitted to the University of Madras in India but lost it because he was only in love with mathematics. He took up menial jobs so he could survive and even when he did not have jobs, he stuck to his personal studies. He did not let anything stop him from doing what he loved the most, not a university study that, according to him, seemed like a distraction.

    Ramanujan knew what he wanted and where he was going to. One of the greatest ‘obstacles’ he had to overcome was compromising his strong Hindu belief just so he could go to Cambridge, where he believed he would get the recognition his works deserved. Ramanujan knew what he wanted and he was always making efforts to achieving them.

    I know, for a fact, that this decision was not easy to make, but it was necessary. I am glad you know what you want and you are not letting any inhibition in the form of comfort stop you from getting it. I think what you did was very brave and should be an epiphany for everyone who is afraid, to comfortable or nonchalant to pursue their dreams.

    1. It is always an absolute delight reading your comments. They make me open dictionary/google or have me reading them over and again to fully understand. I like the mental task! 😂

      Thank you so much! ❤✨

      PS: My aunt called me about an hour ago and she said told me to warn you. She said your grammar is plenty 😂. Also, she thought “your own was too much” in regards to your comment on https://gelaxchatroom.com/single-celibate-christian-when-are-you-getting-married/

  7. So I read this after sending you a message on WhatsApp and I can say I understand you in a weird way. Now, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You are capable of much much more darling. I love and support you always. Now let’s go break more boundaries.

  8. I only had less than a month to get to know you, before you dropped the bombshell at work. I was surprised to find myself feeling sad about the news ‘cos I was looking forward to seeing you regularly..😔

  9. Wow! Go girl 👍🏾
    Your path shines brighter.
    Just had to comment on this and not because of the broken table o😏 🙄😚😚

  10. I miss you already, but I am so proud of you. However, from experience I know that it is when we step out in faith, that we grow and accomplish more than we ever thought possible. I look forward to seeing you shine in your element like the amazing and stunning star you are.


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