Igbo Names & Their Meanings

Every first week in March (1st- 7th) is Celebrate Your Name Week and in the light of that, here is a list of some Igbo names and their meanings. Igbo Kwenu!

Igbo Kwenu
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The Igbos are indigenes of the five South-Eastern states of Nigeria: Abia, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu. They are the third largest ethnic group and are popularly referred to as Ndi Igbo. They are ambitious, industrious and a hardworking set of people.

Igbo kinsmen
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They are known to engage and excel in businesses, and as some folks would say, “An Igbo man can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo,” that’s how industrious they are. An Igbo man can never be caught idle unless something ‘strong’ is wrong with him or maybe they are doing him from the village.

The Igbos usually name their children according to circumstances surrounding the birth of the child. If a child is born after a bad event, misunderstanding, arrival of wealth or even delayed conception, it reflects in the name given to the child. There are also cases where a child is named based on how his/her parents feel at the time of his birth.

Igbo dancers
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Below are some Igbo names and their meanings

Ada means First daughter

Akudo means peaceful wealth

Amaechi means Who knows tomorrow

Amarachukwu means God’s grace

Anele means let’s keep looking; at the future of course, but literally it means,“looku looku”

Azubuike means The strength is behind

Azuka means The one behind is greater. People sarcastically use this name to refer to ladies who have a large buttocks, meaning what they have behind them is great. Lol

Chiamaka means God is beautiful

Chibuike means God is my strength

Chibundu means God is life

Chibuzo means God leads the way

Chidinma means God is good

Igbo men dancing

Chidumaga means God leads me

Chimuanya means My God is awake

Chinazaekpere means God answers prayers

Chinecherem means God thinks for me

Chinelo means God remembers me

Chinemerem means God does for me

Chinonso/Chukwunonso means God is close by

Igbo son
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Chinwendu means God owns life

Chioma means Good God

Chukwuebuka means God is the greatest

Chukwuemeka means God has done well

Echezona means Don’t forget

Echidime means tomorrow is pregnant. Well, I no know who give am belle sha

Egondu means Money of life

Igbo family
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Ejikeme means Don’t do it by force

Ekwutosinammadu means don’t talk bad about others. Mostly used when there has been a disagreement or misunderstanding in the family.

Ezeonu means King of mouth. Lolz. The leader of all the people with big mouth.

Ifeanyichukwu means Nothing is difficult for God

Ifeoma/Iheoma means Beautiful things

beautiful Igbo bride
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Ifunanya means Love

Ikechukwu means the power of God

Kamsiyochukwu means What I asked from God

Kosisochukwu means The way it pleases God

Nkechinyere means The one given by God

Nkemakonam means My own will not pass me by

Nkemjika means The one I have is better

Nkiruka means The one in front is greater. This is supposed to mean that the future will be greater but over sabi people claim it is the name for ladies with big boobs, i.e. what they have in front of them is greater. People and their dirty mind!

Pamela Odameh - big boobs
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Nnanna means Father’s father or grandfather. Some folks believe it’s a reincarnation name.

Nnenna means Father’s mother or grandmother. Reincarnation inferred too

Nwakaego means Child is more valuable than money. Now the bad belle people claim that families that ain’t wealthy but are very fertile give their kids this name as a proof that even if they don’t have money, a child is of more value.

Obiageri means Person wey come chop. Name for a child born into affluence.

Obinna means Father’s heart

Obumneke means Am I the creator? Another funny one because people usually claim that it is a name given to an ‘unbeautiful’ child implying that it is an excuse for being ‘unfine’

Obumneme means Am I the one doing it? Funny question right? Well, it’s supposed to infer that it’s the Lord doing actually

Okwudiri means Let the talk go back to the person that said it. This is a back-to-sender kinda name, implying that whatever you wish me returns to you. lolz

Olaedo means Precious ornament. Most kids who bear this name are beautiful

Igbo baby girl
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Oluchi means The work of God

Oluebube means Miracle, glorious work

Onukwube means let your mouth continue to talk. Very funny if you ask me

Onuwa means Mouth of the world, for people who talk too much. Lolz, just kidding

Igbo costume
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Onwubiko means Death please. I don’t know what this person did to death sha. Given to children born after several deaths in the family

Onyebuchi means Who is God?

Onyekachi means Who is greater than God?

Onyemauche means Who knows the mind of God?

Onyinyechi/Onyinyechukwu means God’s gift

Igbo attire on baby girl
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Uchechi/Uchechukwu means Gods will/mind

Ugochukwu/Ugochi means God’s pride

Uzoma means a good road/way


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