I’m Losing My Mind – Covid-19 #StayAtHome #LockDown

Yo people, I’m losing my mind, no caps!

Losing my mind - #StayAtHome #Lockdown

I don’t know how y’all are doing this, but damn, this is so hard. I don’t think my unemployed days were even as trying as this.


This is the Day 60 or so of working from home. No jokes, I really can’t remember what day it is. But I know it is the Day 5 of my country’s lockdown. And yo dearest #Galaxy, I’m losing my flipping mind! I sometimes have to consult my phone’s calendar several times within an hour to remember what day of the week it is.


I see all those WhatsApp statuses, tweets and posts saying you make the best use of this free time to learn a skill or two, take that online course, learn a language, write your book, and catch up on deadlines, yadda yadda but boy, I’ve been completely useless. Okay, almost… like 95% useless


I mean, it’s like my brain is on halt something. I miss blogging, heck I miss y’all, but I can’t do much about it because my creative juicy is frozen. A silly friend told me yesterday to stay away from the refrigerator. LMAO

But really, how are you surviving this #StayAtHome and #Lockdown? ‘Cause heck, I’m no longer finding it funny. I think this is harder for extroverts like me. I like having people around and staying indoors, especially when it is against my wish, is not my thing.

Friends Hugging - Sad - Social Distancing

I miss hugging and holding hands.

I miss pressing my friends’ butts *covers face*

I miss pecking and kissing.

I miss squeezing the arm of whoever is seated next to me while laughing hard

I miss waking up with a destination

I miss all my food vendors, especially the lady that sells noodles and fried egg close to my office.

I miss not having to think about what to cook when I have all those fantastic food sellers to patronize.

Simply put, I MISS LIVING.

Frustrated girl at the beach

I don’t like this ‘new normal.’ It’s so frigging boring. I’m lost as to what to do with myself.

Guys, it’s so bad that I haven’t been able to bring myself to read a single book. Movies have become my sleeping pills *sulky pout*  It takes me at least three days to complete a 90 minutes movie, like how is that even possible, considering I’m not doing anything else.

I’m so pissed. Like really irked by how Coronavirus has sent the entire world on a forced sabbatical. Skies! I worry about the people who can’t afford to stay at home but have no choice… oh Lord, have mercy. I try so hard not to think about how many people are dead else I scare myself shitless.

*deep breath*

The Battle Of Hits

On the upside, have you been following the #BattleOfHits going on in Nigeria? OMG! It’s like the best thing that has happened so far.

However, it seems life will be a little more bearable with Money Heist returning today

Money Heist 4

I promise not to take the little things like hugging and holding hands and my food sellers for granted again after this pandemic. So help me God.

Hey! This seems odd and out of place but guys, today is World Party Day! Also, it is Find A Rainbow Day. I implore you to please find ways to keep yourself happy and hope alive as we fight #Covid19.

World Party Day
It’s World Party Day!!!

Get you some booze or lemon juice and party at home. Thank God It’s Friday #TGIF.

#StayAtHome #StaySafe and #StayHappy lovers…mwaaarh!

What has been your experience with #StayAtHome #WorkFromHome #SocialDistancing and #LockDown so far? I’d love to read all about it in the comment section.


Bolaji Gelax

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11 thoughts on “I’m Losing My Mind – Covid-19 #StayAtHome #LockDown

  1. I think we’re both going crazy in one accord. Not funny at all. I am a bloody extrovert so how to i cope? My kids are driving me crazy. I feel like throwing my laptop at my husband like he’s the cause of this virus spreading. He doesn’t even know. Suddenly sex, which used to be my escape route, is far from my mind. Am I okay? I keep asking myself everyday. Everything is so annoying. I thought I would use this period to read, blog and do plenty but then, nothing is helping. I am just blank all of a sudden. The only thing giving me joy right now is Sleep! Please am I okay?

    1. Eyah! Ndo. I really cannot imagine what you’re going through because:
      1, I am an introvert; the lockdown is just like the first day of weekend for me.
      2, I don’t have kids. But I understand how traumatic it can be trying to adjust to a sedentary routine, especially for extroverts.
      Na you go use your hand help yourself. Create fun activities that include everyone.
      May the God Lord be with you, my sister.

      1. @Noah, you introverts are the only ones enjoying this lockdown.

        This ‘craziness and insanity’ conversation is definitely not for you.😌🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

    2. Oh lawd!🙆‍♀️ Here I was thinking if I were married, regular sex with hubby would have helped with this insanity, alas! 😅

      Please ó, don’t throw your laptop at the innocent man; he is people’s father and somebody’s husband 😂🤣

      It feels good to know I’m not alone. All I can say is, “It is well. This too shall pass.” 🤗

  2. The worst part of it all for me is that I have not been able to have sex😭
    My konji is preponderantly superfluous. It is like the pandemic we are battling self. It is all over the place but contained at the same time😭😭😭 Yes! My konji is like season 1-12 of unwatched movie. That’s what this lockdown is doing to me.

  3. Finally good to know that I’m not alone in this “mind losing” journey. Aswear I’ve lost it *no caps* My WhatsApp contact list has heard it from the many silly things I put up on my status, I now fight & block people more 🙈 (in my defense, people have really been wilding this period). Sad thing is that I can’t even do the things I’d normally do to get over boredom, the will just isn’t there. The most annoying part for me is the aspire to perspire geng all over social media saying “you have to come out with something new yen yen yen”😒 Alaye if you don’t geddifok? I’m only trying to come out of this sane, that’s my only consign you can learn new things on my behalf..kmt

    1. Boo, you are definitely not alone in this. There is a community of mind-losing geng, and it’s not even funny 😭

      Please pay them no mind, most of them would have less to show forth after all these is over. I’ve learned to ‘moya look away’ 😂😂 let me not go and come and die for my future husband 😂😂😂😂

      Everyone should simply do what’s best for them. Our sanity is more important than certification. We’re gonna be all right -if we choose to be✌

  4. See me commenting after shit got real with extension! Hope all extroverts that commented earlier are doing well? We all survive in different way, so do you and stay safe. For me, stay at home working used to be fun when I am calling the shots…now it’s not. No gigs, no nothing…But I know crisis comes with its perks…new ways to do things, bond, development, ideas, discovery etc.

    Now we all fight for a common good…Let’s Survive first. This too will pass. Stay Safe.

    1. Safe to call you a latecomer 😁

      Let me join the anthem, “It is well” LOL. We’re gonna be just fine, I pray.

      Yes, survival is the principal thing right now. Do stay safe too ❤


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