In all you do, keep a journal!

It’s funny how a few days ago someone asked me why I haven’t been blogging.

“I don’t know”. I replied.

“That’s strange. I thought you loved blogging?”

“I still do”.

“So why ain’t you blogging?”

“I don’t know”.

Stop pushing, damn it! Was what I actually wanted to say but Jesus is working on me.

You see, for me, blogging is not just a pastime, it’s so dear to my heart that I think about it every single day. No cap.

Why then haven’t I been blogging?

Well… Can you ask me this some other time? Okay, thanks! 😘

But just like blogging, I haven’t journalled in a long while. Now this I can tell you why.

Let’s just say Gelax has been a bit of a bad girl lately and journalling would mean me admitting and recording my escapades, so… 🀐

Anyway, I decided not to let today end without visiting my diary. I needed to record some of the things I’m grateful for today for my future self. The “big” things were quick to come to mind, like TANGERINE.

Words still fail πŸ₯Ί

God have mercy on me because, with how full my heart is, all I could muster was a page entry and I even still found a way to slip a complaint into it. Can you believe that?! One A3 page of thanksgiving still laced with grumblings?πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Common, Gelax! I should be spanked, for real.

As I was about closing the journal, it fell open to my entry for August 25, 2021. That day had two separate entries. The one that caught my eye was a list which I quickly realized was a detailed prayer. As I read through I recalled vividly how silly I felt asking for those things. They were small small asks that seemed ridiculous at the time considering I have a 30 before 30 bucket list for example.

Gelax’ Diary

Sitting on the floor by my bed in a gray top and my legs folded under me as I type this, I am glad that I didn’t just say the prayer that day but wrote it down as well.

Otherwise, I may never have remembered how much I wanted and prayed for the littlest things I now enjoy.

Phone photography - Gelax Chatroom
Gelax & Ms Ife ❀️

I’ve been journalling since I was about 10 and going back to read some of my entries help me document my process, recognize changes and realize my growth.

Stars, yours doesn’t have to be written down in pen and paper, you could try audio/video journalling and/or capture moments in pictures and clips.

β€œSometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Theodor Seuss Giesel

Journalling not only helps you appreciate what you’ve been through and how far you’ve come, it very well could serve as a reminder of you are.

Bolaji Gelax - African woman

My beloved Star, from 2022, let’s endeavour to journal some more, okies? ❀️😘


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Bolaji Gelax

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14 thoughts on “In all you do, keep a journal!

  1. Thanks for the reminder to document our thoughts and experiences in whatever format suits us best. Something to work on in the new year we are entering.

  2. I used to have one…then i got tired.
    I felt as i was growing there were not much mushy interesting moments like before. I am hopeful for an amazing 2022 and exciting and also lessons to write in my journal

    I won’t forget to say thank you Gelax for giving me sweet sweet stuffs to read and express myself. Your blog posts are irresistible mehn

    I love you couz


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