Ironua’s Bet (Part 2)

Ihuoma watched in wonder as his twin sister, Ironua handle departmental duties like a pro; she stopped lecturers from coming late to classes and helped students in their class find missing results. She changed the whole department.

He also noticed that she refused to go home during holidays; she would always stay back in school and help lecturers mark papers.

Once their father had asked Ihuoma why she did not come home, he replied that she was in school doing stuff. Their father replied, “That I gave her a man’s name does not mean she will start acting male.”

Laugh-laughter -laughing

They both laughed.

Ironua, when it was time for faculty presidency, didn’t buy the form on time, as she was too busy on school things. That year, a record was broken and set in that faculty; there was no election, lecturers came together, and appointed her faculty president.

Her brother had happily mentioned it to his father, who has gotten angry and asked to see Ironua’s results. He was convinced she was not reading, but when he had her 4.67cgpa flashed in his face, he had nothing else to be angry at.

The time came for the main event of the year, the SUG presidency.

Ironua had all the qualifications, except for one important one, a phallus.

From one end to the school, the men bullied her and made her a laughing stock. She would hold campaigns that would be disrupted by men who would stay and laugh at her.

She went to her lecturers for help and they all said the same thing, “Run for vice, it is safer for females”

Sad Black Girl

Ironua was disappointed, but not as disappointed as she was in her brother who stood and watched a few guys harass her and did nothing when she asked him about it, later on, all he had to say to Ihuoma was, “If you are going to play in the men’s league, then be a man.” He walked away after these words, leaving a visibly shaking Ironua to push back the lump that was formed in her throat.

He did not understand her obsession with the presidency, when she could just be like his girlfriend and focus on schoolwork, get a boyfriend in whose house she will spend the weekends cooking and cleaning, instead of being at home reading and stopping him from having a good time with his girlfriend.

Once he had jokingly said to his girlfriend that Ironua might be a lesbian, hence her singlehood and want for men’s things.

His girlfriend had not taken it as a joke, rather she had taken it as juicy gossip. It didn’t take long for this gossip to spread like wildfire around campus.

Ironua was looked at with disgust around the school and that affected her campaign greatly, her female friends stayed away from her because they did not want to be called lesbians as well.

Nighttime - Bush - Dark Sky

On her way home one night, she ran into a few men that wanted to get the lesbianism out of her.

They grabbed her and pulled her into a nearby bush she screamed aloud into the night for help.

En though she knew the bush path as well as the guys who had grabbed her, she was certain…

Bush path -night -trees

No one was coming.

(To Be Continued)

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