It’s another Saturday and I’m not married

This is as random as a post can be!

Marriage - Bolaji Gelax

I have a wedding to attend today. My white gown, purple heels, wig and jewellery are all laid out. If only I’ll get ready and head off to the wedding. But, I’m seated on this toilet seat, taking a dump while typing and asking myself why exactly I’m not yet married.


My best friend and his wife have been gisting and laughing in the kitchen for the past hour

As I listen to both of them, I can’t help but smile

“What is wrong with these silly lovebirds?” I shake my head.

It is beautiful

They are beautiful

Three days ago, one of my mamas asked me on Facebook when I was bringing a man home

“Not anytime soon, mummy”, I told her.

And I meant it.

This same week, my jolly friend shouted, “BJ, you are getting old, go and marry!”

My response? “Nope baby, not just yet”.

But seated here, answering my friend’s wife who’s asking why I’ve been in the loo for this long

I can’t help but ask myself again, “Why are you not married, Gelax?”

The truth is, I know why.

I love love love the concept of marriage

And contrary to what you may think, I’m not afraid of commitment

Even though I don’t have a dream wedding, I’ll be getting married soon.

But here’s why I’m not married…

I’m not married because I’m not ready

Well… we are not ready.

I swear, it’s that simple.

I don’t care how old my parents think I’m getting

I don’t care if all my younger siblings get hitched before me

I don’t care if all their children call me aunty.

Actually, I’d rather they called me Gelax. Just Gelax.

Marriage for me is a headspace thing.

I’m of the strong belief that above all other things,

One must be mentally ready before deciding to tie those nuptial knots.

Today, I’ll be getting many “Why are you not yet married?” at the wedding

And I’m just here reminding myself of why

Call it bracing up, or whatever.

So, when people ask me at today’s wedding when am I getting married

I’d say, next year

Or the year after next year’s next.

Because truthfully, I don’t know

The only thing I know for a fact is…

I’m running late for today’s wedding!


Bolaji Gelax

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29 thoughts on “It’s another Saturday and I’m not married

  1. When he’s ready, and the conversation comes up, and if he’s the one, you’ll be on your way to ready. Take your time but don’t be like on the toilet seat, cos staying on it for too long has its negative effects, numb legs and pain anywhere else.

  2. I like that you appreciate the concept of marriage so it’s not like you don’t want to settle down.
    Darling please take your time and prepare for it because it’s a forever something.
    P.S the pressure will increase as time progresses just brace yourself for an apt response but don’t let steal your peace of mind.

  3. All the Saturdays in this year will pass and I will still not marry. We thank God.

    I think it’s great that you’re aware of your thoughts and mindset about the whole thing. So, “take your time but don’t waste your time.”

  4. Asides my mum who’s always shouting the loudest amen in church when they pray for single ladies and my oldest friend who I believe is triggered by how old I’m getting, no one else really bothers me about this marriage stuff.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of intimate friends, maybe it’s because I don’t have any family I’m close to, maybe it’s because nobody really sends me. But I really appreciate the non-pressure from external parties. After a failed near-engagement, I’ve purposed in my heart not to pressure myself either.

    Chai, I Don too talk. Make I come dey Waka go.

  5. I used to think there exist some advantages of being single…and I still do. Not between singlehood and the other, just some personal advantage I think. You may decide to shock us and have a Monday or Thursday beach/garden wedding sef. Let no one put you on the spot with Saturdays darling. Ur choice matters👌

    1. My wedding would most likely shock me sef, trust me 😂

      But yeah, I also think there are some advantages to being single and it’s not in comparison to any other relationship status.



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