It’s MY hair, on MY head! #RantOnGC

The first time I cut my long hair in 2019, it was done purely out of frustration.

As in, I was overwhelmed with the pain and stress of making hair that I just felt, fork it, I’m getting a low cut.

I was at my aunt’s place that Sunday afternoon and I told her I was heading to the barbershop to cut my hair.

She shot me a funny look and didn’t take me serious until I returned few minutes later with an almost afarikolodo style.

This was my full hair in all its glory

I remember how her jaw dropped in shock for a few seconds at my new look. It was priceless.

The next challenge was facing my dad because I was still under his roof so…

As I walked closer to the house, fear tugged at my heart as I thought of the perfect excuse to back up my spontaneous action.

Let’s just say I hid it from my dad for three days and when I finally told him, I lied.

I told my old man that I needed to grow my natural hair and I was tired of using relaxer with a straight face. He believed.

The months that followed were the most liberating months of my entire existence so far.

Freedom at last

I would pour water on my head every morning and close my eyes to savour the cool feeling as the water touches my scalp.

I lived worry-free and rocked my low cut despite the shallow comments and questions thrown at me:

“OMG, why did you cut that long hair?”
Me: Because I can, motherforker.
“Did somebody die?”
Me (in my head): Yes, your common sense died, you dumb fork.
“Don’t you know the hair is the glory of the woman?”
Me (in my head): so, I’ve cut my glory abi? Ode!
Does your boyfriend approve of you cutting this hair?
Me: He doesn’t approve, will I die single?


Gosh! I wished I could punch some people in the face. It’s MY hair on MY head that we are talking about here. What’s the fuss about?

Angry bot face

People will never mind their business even if there is a reward for it.

At some point, I began to regret cutting the hair whenever I saw someone with long hair but I outgrew it.

So, here I am today, still rocking my low cut after two attempts at making hair because my hair grew fast and it was as tough as Nigeria’s situation right now.

I just went, “Nah, maybe in 2021. I can’t do this sheet in 2020”

So, if you have been meaning to cut your hair as a single lady in Nigeria, this is me dashing you free liver to do it. Don’t let any council of elders frighten you or talk you out of it. There is no glory that will be removed.

I was adjusting nada in this picture

See me nau, baby girl on low cut with unlimited glory and destiny. No shaking!

Just do you.

Rant was sent in by Ayobami Fasusi. Feel free to can send your rants, about anything, to for a possible feature.

Images courtesy Ayobami Fasusi 
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27 thoughts on “It’s MY hair, on MY head! #RantOnGC

  1. You are really amazing, courageous and know what exactly fits your life…. It’s yours and no one else, you know best and i support your bests dear…

    1. LMAO… I totally enjoyed your rant, there was no way it wouldn’t have made it.

      Thank you for ranting on Gelax Chatroom, XOXO

    2. Boy!

      I love this piece.

      “The low cut gang”. 😂

      I didn’t blink an eye lid to cut mine.

      Needed to step into a new level of Confidence.

      As one who places how she feels over her looks, deciding was a piece of cake. 😁😆

  2. Hmmm sweet heart… You would have left that hair…. But wait! What did you do with the hair first? You should have package em into a leather and sell em… Something like 🤔 150k

  3. Don’t care what anyone thinks, long as I’m comfortable with it I’ll do it
    Reason why I’m getting my afarikolodo back on

  4. 😂😂 this is hilarious and true! People cannot mind their business even if there is a reward for it. When I cut my hair in 2018, I cut it with scissors in the night before going to the barber in the morning to balance it. All the comments you got, I got them, too. But did I care? No. Do I care? No. Will I ever ever ever ever care? eN to the Oh, no!

  5. I am 100% in support of your action not just because I am one of your loyal fans but because we share similar ideology. Carry-on without looking at anybody’s face. Infact you look good in Ankara with your low cut. You are a hope and an inspiration for the younger generation


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