Korede Bello Pulls Heartstrings with Table for Two

Korede came into the scene with his pseudo-gospel pop, ‘Godwin’. It was an instant hit which had everyone grooving from the club to the Church. 2015 was a win for him indeed. Getting signed by Don Jazzy as a teenager was nothing but proof of his noticeable talent and grace.

Korede Bello - Gelax Chatroom

He held a lot of promises, but somehow, he couldn’t live to it with his 2017 album, ‘Belloved’, not meeting up to the shock value of ‘Godwin’. Korede didn’t stop trying though, but his efforts were underwhelming, to say the least. I for one had written the young sensation off thinking he’d gone the route of many young talents— stars that shine early and went dim before dusk.

Years of releasing music that couldn’t court attention are enough for the young man to go refine himself. And in 2020, he not only shed off his boyish look, looking more avant-garde, but he also started rolling off some singles that will once again remind Nigerians of the talented singer.

His first offering for the year, ‘Sun Mo Mi’, showed bright promises. He took it a notch higher with the Ozedikus produced, ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’— a fusion of dancehall and pop.

Korede Bello - Table for Two

These two were appetizers for his EP, ‘Table for Two’ and Korede Bello didn’t disappoint. The first song on the EP, Morire, produced by Rexxie, was a thanksgiving song, a pleasant oddity in a project which is full of romantic songs. The mid-tempo song is reminiscent of his 2015 hit single, ‘Godwin’.

He went full pop in ‘Hey Baybewith guitars providing sonorous riff; then at the end of the song, he’d switch to highlife with percussions luring you to dance.

‘Table for Two’, the EP’s titular is a love letter to a woman who has captured Korede’s heart. The RnB song was produced by Kedei Ofem Princeton.

This project showcases Korede’s maturity. His dextrous songwriting along with his alluring voice is evident too. The production is top-notch with most of the tracks having a fusion of Afro-percussion. He might not have featured other arts but this project is also a collaborative work with the likes of Kedei Ofem Princeton and John Ighodaro assisting in the songwriting.

Korede Bello - Gelax Chatroom

Korede has pushed the envelope forward with this project. One can only expect more from the handsome singer and hope he sustains the momentum spawned by this project.

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Image credit: IG @koredebello.

Adeola Juwon

Adeola Juwon is a Nigerian Writer, Poet and Art Critic whose works have appeared on or forthcoming in Kalahari Review, Kreative Diadem, Lagos Review, EroGospel and elsewhere. He considers himself a connoisseur of African Music, and he adores the Oxford Comma.

7 thoughts on “Korede Bello Pulls Heartstrings with Table for Two

  1. Yaaay! Bellovers sit down and cross your legs, others, remain standing. 😂

    1. I think Sun Momi is good. I don’t like the music video though.

    2. Mi Casa Su Casa is such a teasing song. It got feeling all mushy-mushy. I thought the EP should have been named after this track.

    I particularly love the concept of Mi Casa Su Casa video, it made me long till the end to see the face of the lady he was singing to. In my opinion, it is the best lockdown music video I’ve seen shot by a Nigerian artist. To think it was directed by Korede Bello himself and Visualgod. SWEET!

    3. I love, love, love Morire. Perhaps my favourite track on the E.P.

    4. Hey Baybe is smooth! Someone’s son had better play that song before proposing to me. The song got me blushing as though the it was specially written for me.
    NB: Don’t listen to this track if you are a single lady! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    And the switch up towards the end of the track? Brilliant! ❤

    5. Table for Two – There’s is absolutely nobody like me in this world…LOL. I loved Korede’s vocals on this track. My man better get me all the things mentioned on this track, and more! However, I got bored halfway into it. Definitely my least favourite of the five.

    Overall, I’ll rate the ‘Table for Two’ EP an 8/10.


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