Letter To My First Boyfriend

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I’m really excited to share a part of my very first love story with you in my second letter of the year. As the title goes, it’s a letter to my first boyfriend and lover; someone I shared a special bond with. We shall be calling him Baron (close to his real name).

Hey Baron,

I hope you get to read this letter. I decided to take a walk down memory lane and write about you (us) because I really do like talking about you and what we shared. Not just because you were my first boyfriend/love, but because I loved our time together. Oh, you were the perfect first. Well, almost perfect.

I’m not sure if I ever told you this but it’s funny how much I grew to love you even though I really disliked you at first. Remember when you transferred to our school? I was in JSS 3 and inarguably the most popular girl in school. Loved by most, disliked by the rest for being loved by most.

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Can’t blame them though. Common, I was that pretty, bubbly, smart girl with countless school-daughters, school-sons, and school-mothers. It didn’t help that junior boys had a crush on me and senior boys wanted me to be their girlfriend. I even had a teacher on my case at some point.

But even with all the attention, I never gave anyone the green light. I was perfectly okay with my role as a matchmaker and relationship counselor.

Not until you strutted into our school compound with your yes-I’m-the-new-rich-senior-kid-you-better-respect-me air.

You were coming in from a public school where seniority was a big deal to a small private school where junior students only call whomever they like “senior”. Your arrival basically disrupted the relatively calm order of business in the school. You were demanding “respect” for yourself and other seniors and for some reason, you picked on me.

Yes, I was bold and expressive but never liked confrontations, so I avoided you as much as I could. However, I knew I was in serious trouble when I found out that all I wanted was to be wherever you were. It didn’t make any sense to me then.

I remember once peeking out the window of the science lab upstairs to check you out. I was intrigued by you and your charisma. And those bulging eyeballs of yours, my goodness!

The first time I stood close to you, I couldn’t help wondering how those full lips of yours would taste. You wore the sweetest smelling cologne and your uniform was always pressed with sharp ghators (creases). Boy, I tripped! How couldn’t I? Stars, Baron had the softest skin ever! He was tall, dark, somewhat-handsome, confident, carefree, generous, had a beautiful smile and brah could dance! Like how?!

Despite your arrogance, there were too many cool stuff about you to be hated. The junior girls drooled over you while the senior girls hung on your sleeves, literally.

But guess what? I got the boy!

The senior boys who had been asking me out since forever hated me for choosing you, in such a short time, over them. The senior girls thought I used some special charm on you. Your crushes in the junior school loathed me for ruining their chances.

I must confess, it wasn’t easy going from the most liked girl in school to the most disliked.

Oh Baron, how I loved you in ways I didn’t know a thirteen-year-old’s heart was capable of. We were two completely different people yet fell madly in love with each other at first sight. Okay, maybe I’m tripping now, ’cause I remember you saying it was a bet between you and senior Yk to see if I’d fall for you.

You won that bet in no time because the connection we had was undeniable. Can you remember our inside joke about giving senior Yk more money for initiating the bet. That was how happy and in love we were.

Our first kiss close to the gate was simply magical. I felt thousand butterflies fluttering in my belly. It was F.A. who later told me that was a French kiss. I hadn’t even known that was a term until she educated me.

The second time I felt that way was the first time you slipped your hand inside my shirt and touched my breast with your cold fingers, causing me to shiver. It was such a pleasurable feeling but somewhere at the back of my mind, I could hear Big Mummy’s voice shouting, “If a man touches you, you will get pregnant!” 😂

To think all that happened right in front of her office.

I’m tempted to talk about how Big Mummy threatened me to break up with you and all the bad things she said to me about you. She was so angry the threats didn’t work that she nearly flogged the living daylight out of me. Things we do for love, right? LOL

I loved watching you fume and wanting to break her neck things for beating me because and instead of you. How you’d later calm down, apologise for the pains, wrap your arms around me like you wanted to envelope me to keep me safe from further cruelty. I loved how you’d kiss me so passionately like you wanted to absorb all my pains through the kiss.

Brah, I loved you!

We weren’t just lovers. We were close-knit friends. We had such a solid friendship that was independent of our romance.

It’s why we were together for years. It’s the reason we remained close friends even after that distasteful incident that led to our breakup. It’s why you are still one of my favourite exes.

I wished you didn’t lie about it. I wished you told me the truth earlier than you did. I wished I punched your face into a brick wall before I forgave you, but… All in all, we had a good run.

I’m thankful for that bet and that I gave us a chance. Thank you for the beautiful memories, the plenty suya, stolen kisses, tight hugs, teases and inside jokes we shared.

You were such a great boyfriend.

Yours once-upon-a-time,
Bolaji Gelax


Bolaji Gelax

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31 thoughts on “Letter To My First Boyfriend

      1. So it was unsolid😂🤣. I don’t want to undo the sweetness of this post by saying it was vapour waiting to go. I enjoyed every bit. I loved the title on Twitter and said to me let me visit this.


        1. It was solid but we’re both in different places now. I think he’s married or something… LOL.

          DON’T UNDO IT, Please!!!😂

          Thanks muchos, Advocate. ♥️✨

  1. OMG! I had tears in my eyes reading this!… Just because 🥺

    Well… We meeeuuve!

    I expected the mention of Big mummy earlier though😂

    And those initials?😌 Let me just mind my business and sip my tea. Thank you Senior “Baron”… you taught some of us pure romance even without knowing it, but I still want to punch you in the face for what you did to Abiyah😔😔😔
    She forgave you, who am I not to?🤷‍♀️

    1. Awww… It was a beautiful time, wasn’t it? 🥺😍

      Big mummy’s story is worthy of a full blog post or series sef 😅.

      Let’s not punch faces abeg.

      Thanks, baby🤗😘

  2. Gelax, this is a REAL post. Bare as it is!

    Some parts shocked me sha o but I’m not innocent either😅😅

    Okay, I think your story and mine are similar. I left my classmates who had a crush on ne and dated a senior. They didn’t dislike me sha. I loved that boy too!

    1. E shock me too! Like how are you not innocent? 🤣😂🤣

      I didn’t exactly leave my classmates, I just didn’t like them enough 🌝🌚

      Awww… Come on, why about him! I’d like to read the juicy details 😉

  3. OMG! So insightful. Am very sure most of your teens have experienced such and maybe the fact that parents are always threatening them with myth, they have been able to survive.

    Baron was such a canning animal in your eyes that you couldn’t resist his presence. How on Earth can someone toch your breasts and you become pregnant?😂🤣

    Anyways the story kept me over the edge as I read through to the end. Kiddos to mumy

  4. LOL… African parents and threats 🤝

    Heheheee… That was the only sex education we got? We girls were not to even sit next to boys/men 😃

    Awww… I’m glad you enjoyed it. Gracias muchos for reading, and commenting. ♥️✨

  5. Awww.
    Who wouldn’t love being in love with the way you’ve described it.
    This was a gentle reminder of one of my many escapades.
    Love is indeed a beautiful thing and I think everyone deserves to experience pure unconditional love.

    But wait o, why did you guys now break up na?
    After taking us on this wonderful ride.

  6. After reading this its like I don’t know what love is 😂😂😂

    So why can’t we just leave the rest in the past and get you two back on track and married y’all of age now am sure😂🤦

    This too romantic yaayi


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