LIFE IN CANDY CRUSH – Lessons Learnt from Candy Crush

Knowing your way or dying on the way.

Candy Crush has taught me over again that a game is never over until it is really over. One could remain on a particular level for weeks. You play, you lose, lose all the lives, return after 30-45 minutes to play, lose all the lives again, and this goes on and on for days, sometimes running into weeks.
At times, you don’t understand what the rule of a particular level is, yet you go on playing. This part is my favorite because the Creator of life doesn’t always show us the full picture of our lives, yet we keep living, trying hard, trusting blindly, never giving up and at the end of the day, you either come to understand the rule after several trials and errors OR you just pass the stage in a way you can’t even explain…just like that!
Many a times you make a wrong move and you wish you could Ctrl Z on Candy Crush to undo the wrong but then, you just have to live with the mistake. In the same vein, we don’t always get the chance to Ctrl Z certain decisions we’ve made in life, but you can not because of that throw in the towel or mope forever. You either move on hoping for the best and if it fails, you start all over again until you eventually win.
According to Prof G.E. Erhabor, “Out of the broken pieces of your past, God can build an edifice of hope.”
There is also the place of asking for help when you are stuck on a level. I remember not knowing what to do with a particular level I was stuck on until I asked a younger friend and trust me, I felt really stupid for never thinking about the answer she gave but the knowledge made the other levels ‘beans’ for me.
A saying in Yoruba goes thus: “Eni ti ko ba mo bi ti egbe e se n la, a sare ku ni” meaning if you don’t know the way, you will die on the way.
Ask questions! Don’t ever feel too big or pompous to ask for directions. Never stop learning in life because you can never get to that state of knowing it all.
No one is too old to learn a new thing.
Knowledge is light
You need to see me leap for joy whenever I scale through a difficult level on Candy Crush especially one that I’ve been stuck on for a while (it’s joy unspeakable), so is success after a lot of hard work, trials and/or failures.
The Holy Book says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”
Now, this game can become very addictive especially when you are winning; you keep telling yourself, just one more round and I’ll go do that (whatever it is you should have been doing that is more productive), then you win and you go one more round, on and on goes the cycle until… THE BIG LOSS. Then you remember all the work you neglected while winning your sweet candies & chocolates you can’t eat.
Likewise, we get too comfortable when things seem to be rosy at a spot. We neglect other things we’ve earlier set out to do until we get disappointed. Sometimes, it become too late to redeem all that has been lost.
No life can be richer than finding out what your mission is, discovering your profession, knowing your vocation, and, following your passion. Recall my posts on 👉 Purpose  & 👉 Ikigai
Knowing where you are headed keeps you in check. Not just knowing, but constant reminder of it helps you gauge if you are on track from time to time.
Have you figured out what your reason for being is yet?
Be accountable to someone, and always be responsible for your actions.
You are allowed to enjoy life okay, but don’t linger in the galore till you lose track of time on other things. It is work hard, ball hard; not ball hard, work hard. As a matter of fact, when you play too hard before working, you use up the better part of your energy and most likely won’t be as productive as you should/could be when you decide to work.
A word is enough for the wise.
BTW, I formatted my phone which means I had to start playing Candy Crush from level one -super annoying 😣
If yo’ve ever played Candy Crush, Candy Crush Saga, Soda Crush and the rest, please signify below let’s know ourselves ✋
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