Love & Heartbreak in Lagos

Guess what, Stars? Your Valentine’s Day 2021 is about to be a lituation! 🤩🥳

Just yesterday, Gail was asking me how my last Valentine went, and I was like, “Sis, nothing nothing. I went to work, came back home and that was it!”

Oh, I forgot to mention the secret Valentine letters I wrote to my colleagues. But sha, it was a boring Valentine. And it crossed my mind last weekend that we are only a few weeks to Valentine’s Day. Like can you imagine?!

People all over world are still trying to adjust to the new normal and for a fact, you and I know celebrating Valentine’s day this year is going to be different from what we’re used to. As Covid-19 cases surge, the usual spots where you’d normally go on a romantic date are all either closing up or operating at limited capacity. So what’s a Nigerian (any) couple to do?

I have a great suggestion! Do you love romance, film and poetry? Tada! Here you go!

The answer is sit home, grab a blanket and tray of comfort food, and explore Love and Heartbreak in Lagos – virtual poetry concert set to save couple’s Valentine in 2021. L&HL is part concert, and part movie, headlined by Wayne Samuel.

Wayne Samuel - Love & Heartbreak in Lagos

Wayne is the two time, and only consecutive winner ever of War of Words Africa (Nigeria’s foremost poetry slam), a senior creative for TBWA Concept (one of the world’s largest creative agencies) and he’s also written music for Johnny Drille. So you know he can deliver the goods when it comes to romance!

Siri, play me Bank on it by Burna boy!

This Lagos themed Valentine’s Day show promises to save you from all the things that typically ruin Valentine’s day. That means no traffic, no worrying about what to wear, no crowds and no risk of COVID-19! And that’s not even the best part. The best part is that your online date doesn’t have to be hampered by the usual network issues of your service provider. The concert will be available live for pre-save in the days leading up to and after Valentine’s Day.

All you and bae have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the epic tale of love and intrigue. You can play, pause, rewind and take breaks for whatever it is you and bae do behind closed doors (clears throat just try not to give us any more November babies, haha).

It gets even better!

Your digital pass comes with a Love and Heartbreak in Lagos guide, which makes the simple experience even simpler with clear descriptions on how to pre-save, the cosiest way to watch, and tips on what to eat and wear for the occasion.

But you’re probably wondering, Love and Heartbreak in Lagos, what’s the story, will my lover and I who’ve never stepped foot in Lagos even get it?

sneak peek?

The story follows the character Wayne Samuel plays as he tries to warm his way into a potential lover’s heart. He does this by sharing his romantic past with her, the good, the bad and ugly (oh, and it gets very ugly) which are rendered as spoken word performances. Lagos is only a thematic anchor, kind of like the ocean was a thematic anchor for Titanic.

The love story is much bigger than Lagos and universally relatable. It doesn’t matter where you live. It’s an emotional roller coaster perfect to set the mood for Val.

In the end, will he get the girl? Get your ticket to find out.

You can experience this with your romantic partner, or your gang of single friends, all for N3000. Pay with this link and explore Love & Heartbreak in Lagos, this Valentine’s day HERE.

Each Digital Pass features;

✓ Access to the virtual Love & Heartbreak in Lagos experience for you and your partner/friend.

✓ Available for pre-save before Feb 14th to prevent network issues.

✓ Watch it anytime/multiple times prior, during & after Valentine’s day. (Feb 12 – 21st)

✓ Exclusive Val’s Day Guide Ebook to aid your entire Valentine’s day celebration.

✓ Exclusive Love & Heartbreak Post-Valentine’s Day IG Filter to show off your love and commemorate your attendance of the one of a kind L&HL.

Wayne Samuel - Love & Heartbreak in Lagos

Follow @waynesamuelle on Instagram for more details and stay safe.


Please, who’s gonna be my Val? I am ready to binge Love & Heartbreak in Lagos with as many Stars as my heart can take! ✨


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