Three-Time Maid Of Honor

Third time’s a charm right?
I started catching bouquets at wedding from a very young age. The bunch of flowers just always find its way to my hands.

I even decorated my room back in university with a mix of flowers caught from – I think four – different weddings…LOL
I feel really proud to say I’ve had the honor of ‘besting’ three brides, I mean there are a lot of girls out there who have never been a maid of honor and some will never be, so yeah! *clicks tongue*
When my second cousin was getting married and my father found out I would be ‘besting’ her, he warned me sternly that was to be my last. He said, “who knows if that’s why you are not yet married. Every day bestlady bestlady, are you not tired? Do you think you are too young to get married or don’t you want people to come and rejoice with you too? I don’t want to hear best-lady in this house again.”  (typical Nigerian parent). Mumsy and my sisters laughed me to scorn that day ehn, but I assured them that even when I’m pregnant, I’ll still ‘best’ any of my friends who wants me to. They advised me not to let my father find out 😊

First Time, October 2014 

Back in secondary school, one of my science subjects teachers took a liking to me. I must have been 14-15 years old then and I had a boyfriend who was a class ahead of me. The teacher told me he liked me and asked what I intended to do about it. I told him nothing, then he said “But you have a boyfriend. Or you think I don’t know you are dating Bayo?”
I said yes we were dating but I couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my teacher even if I wasn’t dating Bayo. He threatened to fail me.
Guess what I did?
I called his bluff! You see, my grades were pretty good back then before Great Ife did what they know how to do best (OAU peeps can relate), so I could call his bluff. I told him even before my father (who was a policeman) calls for my script, the school management would definitely want to look into why I failed a subject, so he can’t scare me into doing anything. When I walked out of his office that afternoon, his mouth was wide open. He obviously was surprised I could call his bluff like that. Heheheee… “emi omo olopa” 
Few weeks later, Mr Teacher had apologized claiming not to know what came over him… bla bla blah. He did all he could to make me his friend, bought me lunch several times and all, anything to keep me from telling the Principal or OC Attack. Me, I was just collecting and chopping life, what’s my own? Then one day, he showed me the picture of his new girlfriend and it turned out to be our first bride. When I told him she is my cousin, he almost passed out… LMAO. He was so ashamed of himself and begged me not to tell her about what happened between us. Turned out their relationship didn’t need my interference, it headed straight for the rock before it fully took off.
Few years later, I was behind her, packing and arranging her wedding gown and fanning her as she walked down the aisle with the love of her life. 😁
I made Tope up for her wedding and tied not less than 10 geles that day. And at some point during the wedding reception, I just knelt down packing money inside a polythene bag, I was sweating like Christmas goat 😰 Chai! My body was on fire by the time I got back to school the next day.

Second Time, April 2015

People often find it difficult to believe when I tell them I’m the first child of my parents because I seemingly act like a last-born. Well, here is reason why; I took Tolu‘s  position as the last child when I left my parents and moved in with the Apanisiles at a tender age. I was the seventh child in the house with three female and three male second-cousins. Tolu is much more older so I automatically became the “Baby-of-the-house” with a number of funny nicknames 🙈🙈
Of course, when it was time for the original Baby-of-the-house to get married, this fake Baby-of-the-house had to perform the maid-of-honor duties. It still is the most interesting and memorable (but for the part where all the uncles and aunties wanted to know ALL about my boyfriend and when I will be getting married), maid-of-honor duty I’ve performed.
Third Time, July 2016
I met Desola in my 100 level at Obafemi Awolowo University. She was then the assistant unit head of the Decorating Unit, she later became the unit head in her final year (she was two years ahead of me). Our relationship is an interesting one. I think she fell in love with me the first time she met me 😤 but I can never say that about her. She’s a tough, no-nonsense lady. As a matter of fact, I saved her number on my phone with “Oga Na Fire” for more than five years. I recollect the day she found out what I saved her number with, she went on and on about how nice she is and how she has had a worse unit head once. In my mind I was like “You are the only Oga Na Fire I know, I don’t care if you’ve had a worse person.”
Anyway, we got close towards the end of my 200 level; I think. I found out she had always defended me and said nice things about me. I was like “oh wow! I thought she didn’t like me.” I took out time to study her and understand her person, and the rest as they say, is history. We became so close peeps started to think we were sisters, seeing how like-minded, skinny and dare I say, carefree we both are. We also have similar stories and struggles.
There was no questions as to who would be her maid-of-honor when the time came to take her 8-year-long relationship with P.Tony to the next stage.
Couldn’t take many pictures with the couple because I had to travel back to Ile- Ife that same day for my church anniversary.

PS: Her mum still calls me ‘Best-lady’ till date…😆

So I think I deserve to have at least three Maids-of-honor at my own wedding. That’s if I don’t ‘best’ another bride before then… third time’s a charm right?

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  1. Awon best lady wa, nice tale on your besting journey…. Looking forward to seeing your 3+ besties and most importantly wonderful bestie you'll be getting married to.

  2. This ur writing skill na fire, but errrm I can't remember who that teacher is ooooo, see me racking my brain here to remember bet mehhhn I cannnttt. Hint me biko make I rememberrrr… I am priding in you *in jenivas voice* 😁😁😁😁

  3. Gosh! Always proud of u love, never read stories to d end like dis but I can't resist this your handwriting *wink* cos it's u. So on d best lazy thing its now a full profession oooo…… Professional Best Lady. PBL.

  4. So much besting. Na wa o…

    Well, it’s good… It means My Miss Flowery💐🌼 is very good at enchanting others😌😌. Hope you get your 3️⃣ besties

    Other than that, of course the flowers would gravitate towards you. Like always meets like😉😉😉

    1. Serious wa!😁

      My sweet fragrance precedes me!😉

      Let’s see, perhaps, I should break the world record with my number of MoHs…🤔


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