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Hollaaaaaa! Welcome to Gelax Chatroom – Miss Flowery’s World

Bolaji Gelax

This is a teeny weeny introduction about the sassy lady behind this amaaaaazzzziiiinnnng blog… LOL. Enjoy! *wink*

Most of the time, I feel really pretty. The other times, I simply don’t remember what I look like (’cause I don’t care)

Oh how I love to Talk, Present, Write, Act, Be-Bossy, Smile, Laugh, Sleep and Eat! Of all the things I love to do, writing is one I still think I suck at…sigh

However, I can promise you that this ride into Miss Flowery’s World is gonna be a super-fun ride! wink

I enjoy keeping diaries.

I believe in guarding one’s happiness, living life and sharing love.

Holla again! I’m Bolaji Gelax and this is my little haven…

Happy Child

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2 thoughts on “Mini Intro

    1. Hey Jesus (bringing out the Yoruba girl in me 🙈), I don’t know which of my cousins this is, but gosh! You made me 😢

      I suspect you D’ but whoever it is, zanku plenty plenty ❤💞


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