I wanna wish you a merry Christmas

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas

From the bottom of my heart

Remember I mentioned that I had Christmas plans? Well, I ended up staying indoors all through. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even had my bath today 🙈

So here is the gist yeah…

My friends and I were supposed to visit a colleague of ours but then, life happened. We decided to – scratch that, they decided to prepare fried rice and chicken instead. My brother who came into town yesterday and my friend went to the market, another friend did the dishes, and someone else diced the ingredients, while another did the cooking.

Fried rice & chicken with drinks
Christmas Lunch!

Your favourite girl was on the bed the whole time watching movies. Don’t judge me, I hate cooking. I saw the film ‘Fighting with my Family,’ for the second time! It’s a film about Saraya-Jade Bevis, a retired English professional wrestler with the ring name, Paige, who is from a wrestling family and her journey to WWE.

Paige, WWE

Fun Fact: I am a HUGE wrestling fan. It is a dream of mine to watch Summer Slam right from the arena within the next five years.

Anyway, the food got ready after such a long wait. Gosh! I thought I was going to die of hunger, even though I already had spaghetti first thing in the morning #Foodie

After the meal, I slept like a baby. Other than my friends’ loud gisting voices and laughter interrupting my sleep thrice, it was a restful and much needed sleep.

I resumed my film watching. It was good not to have office deadlines to think about😉

I wanted ice-cream so badly but my friends thought it would be a bad idea to visit any ice-cream parlour today.

Guess what we’re having for dinner?

Garri, Sugar, Milk, water & Suya
Christmas Dinner

Yup! Garri + Milk + Suya + Cold water… heavenly! 😁

I hope you also had, or perhaps, you’re still having a merry Christmas, too. Mine has been a really merry one.

Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE YOU😘


My brother & I

PS: My plate of rice didn’t make it to the picture because I was done with my food before anyone else even started eating 🤣


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