My December So Far #Blogmas Day 9

December seems to be crawling or is it just me? I feel like 2019 suddenly decided it’s in no hurry to end so it chose to drag December out. I don’t think it’s just me.

Well, it could be because December has been a roller coaster for me.

First week was good. I was so full of energy and hoping it would somehow… I don’t even know how to put what I thought it would be into words.

The reason I entered December so pumped and boisterous is none other than the fact that the last day in November was super lit for me. One of my closest buddies got married to his beautiful partner on the 30th. Oh em gee, it was wonderful! The joy in my heart that day, one would have thought I was the one getting married.

I was one of the groom’s men. My gosh, did I look stunning? My suit was beautiful! My makeup was on the fleekiest fleek! My hair was hot pinkish wine. I have no doubt I turned heads that day, if I do say so myself.

By now, I’m sure you all know I can be a little extra, right? All right, I’m going to stop bragging now.

Sadly though, I don’t have any of my pictures yet but, when I do, you shall be seeing them. That’s a promise.

We had so much fun at the wedding and there was a lot to eat. The small chops… hmmm… the, small, chops. You see, the thought of the small chops alone is making me salivate right now. You know a Nigerian wedding is not ‘sweet’ if there are no loads of food? My friend’s wedding was ‘sweet!’

Here is a minute clip from the wedding reception. I danced ehn, you go think say na my wedding.

Spot me? #LoveLikeDees

Let me give you the gist behind my dance.

I haven’t been to any owanbe in a really long time. And being the life of the party that I am – you can ask around – I was a bit skeptical about dancing because I feared my dance moves might be rusty.

But as #LoveLikeDees drew closer, I knew I won’t care about my moves being rusty or not on that day. I was too excited that my buddy was getting married and was just looking forward to being my usual crazy self at the wedding.

By the way, if you need a personal hype man on the dance floor on your wedding day, I’m your girl. The energy inside this small body of mine is enough to light up any floor… gosh!

Watching this video made me miss going to owanbe with my dad. If anyone thinks I have energy and wonders where it came from, wait till you see my dad rocking your party. He is an absolute delight to watch on the dance floor!

This was the vibe I brought into December, so yeah, first week was good; plus, posting everyday on my #Blogmas series brought me so much joy only pizza or yummy spaghetti could contend with.

Second week however wasn’t as good as the first.

It started with menstrual pain that was accompanied by serious stooling. Who else is done with blood for 2019? Yup! Yup! Yup! See ya in 2020 bloody stream… okay that might be a bit cheesy for the men. I apologize.

What made it even more unpleasant was the fact that I had to be at work that weekend (Saturday and Sunday). So yeah, I sat on the toilet seat with my laptop on my laps, typing and groaning in pains. Now you get the picture.

It was bad.

The week came with so much workload and deadlines. I swear, I thought about eloping. I just wanted to travel somewhere with blue ocean, palm trees, and sit on a bamboo rocking chair in my bikini and sunglasses, sipping lemonade while I listen to Wizkid’s Soundman album.

I wished I didn’t have to think about work and deadlines. But hey, man must survive, right?

However badly my second week in December may have started, it ended on a good note.

One of my colleagues got married today and even though I couldn’t eat anything because my tummy was acting weird, I had fun!

You bet I danced. If I don’t, who will?

A new week starts tomorrow. I don’t know what it might bring but I know, it’s gonna be better –eventually.

Hustle continues peeps!

How has your December being so far?


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4 thoughts on “My December So Far #Blogmas Day 9

  1. December has been a lazy month for me and I intend to keep it that way. Less wakawaka and more indoor activities. With more books on the shelf and Junks to eat, I just wanna get fat this festive period.

  2. Wait o…You can dance sha! Shake it like its hot 👏👏👏 No Detty December yet… Work work work… But we catch fun while working sha!


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