MY EKO SERIES 001 – Ms Size 18


The fear of hunger is the beginning of wisdom.
Well, those who know me well won’t be surprised that I started today’s post with a quote about food. We can’t help who we are right? 😁

Before going to bed last night, I made sure I cooked a pot full of spaghetti with pleeeenty onions and panla fish scattered inside. I had a sound sleep last night knowing there was a pot of my favorite food waiting to be consumed in the morning πŸ˜‰

I had to move from the Mainland to Island so I was up from 4 am, said my prayers, had my bath, got dressed, warmed my yummy spaghetti, packed it in my newest food container, and off I went. I couldn’t help humming happily as I walked to the road to get a bus.

My journey to Oshodi was smooth, Oshodi to Obalende was smoother because in less than 10 minutes into the journey, I knocked it off and didn’t even stir until the man seated next to me tapped me to inform me we were at the last bus-stop (you can’t claim you never slept inside the bus before so wipe that look off your face my friend!).Β 

Now to the main gist… Β 

I alighted from the Obalende bus and boarded another one to Lekki.
“Wole wole, Lekki, Jakande N200 N200, two more chance loku, wole wole!”
I entered the bus and was surprised to see empty seats that could still accommodate about 8-10 more people. I hissed and thought of going to join the bus going to Ajah but on hearing the Ajah bus guy call,Β “Ajah Ajah, N300, wole pelu change e o.”Β I sat my butt down jejeli.Β 
A beggar is no chooser 😊
When it was time to collect the fare, a fight erupted. Apparently, the driver had told the first set of passengers Lekki was N150, but you know how Lagos is, they hike fares as time passes and traffic builds up. The guy calling passengers wasn’t aware of this until people started asking for their N50 change after paying him N200. He got angry and asked that anyone who couldn’t pay N200 should get down, but this set of passengers insisted they wouldn’t pay more than N150.

This went on for about 15 minutes. All the while, yours truly was feeling the hunger pangs already as I only drank garri with groundnut last night. So, I brought out my new food container and started digging into my yummy panla spag. What’s my business? After all, I already paid N200.

Let me describe my stature to you at this point. I’m on the slim side, but for some reason I’m yet to fathom, people treat me as though I’m slimmer than I know I am. My friends and sisters call petite πŸ™„

If you are on the slim side, then you should be able to relate more with this part of my gist. You know that moment you have to sit next to a lady who is a size 16-18 thereabout, and when you tell her to make room for you all she does is adjust her upper body as though she is doing you a favor or something.

Exactly the attitude the lady I sat next to had. More like, “I don’t know what you need more space for with your small body.” I was thereby sandwiched between Ms Size 18 and the guy on my other side. All I could do was pray to God that the traffic would be light.
Less than a minute after my last request for more room, ‘Ms Size 18’ dozed off. And since she only moved her upper body all the time I asked for more space, there was more than enough space between us, which meant she could literally fall on me when she started dozing. I was seriously boiling inside, that you have occupied the entire seat is one thing, but you resting your hulk-like self on my tiny body… Nah! That was the moment for ‘earrings going off, taking off shoes, packing the flying hair, and tightening a fist,’ “Is this lady okay like this?”😏
Next I heard was a snore 😭😭😭 I felt weak.Β The considerate passenger on my other side said, “sorry sister”. Oh, you should have seen my face!

About 20 minutes later, the ever faithful God answered my prayer.

“Phase 1!”Β The driver barked out from the steering wheel.
“O wa o!” Ms Size 18 shouted from my shoulder she’s been sleeping on.
“Oh thank you Lord” I muttered under my breathe.
As if having a size 18 sleeping on me on the bus wasn’t enough for one morning, I got down right in time to have the rain pouring heavily. I started to play the activities of the week in my head, wondering who I must have offended that had to pile this load of punishment for me in a week.

I looked heavenwards and asked, “God, really?!”

Anyway, I had my joyous moment when this πŸ‘‡ happened 20 minutes later. HOT PUFFS!!!πŸ’ƒ God is really faithful, isn’t He?😁

Don’t you dare haunt me with this pic ever!😈

Hello Reader,

I know it’s been such a loooooong time you last saw me here but I promise, I’m back now and this ‘My Eko Series’ is just one of many to come. So stay tuned guys!

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Yours truly,

(Commander-in-Chief of hugs, kisses and smiles)


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  1. Your bus experience made me realize how much I miss Lagos and Danfo buses, but I love the peace and quiet in my Abeokuta more 😊… I’ll become a regular on this blog now

    1. I honestly don’t mind such peace and tranquility. Lagos is great but the stress is greater mehn.

      Awww… Thanks plenty plenty plenty plenty, hope you’ve subscribed? And please, spread the word XOXO


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