NEW SERIES ALERT! Single Celibate Christian

Holla, Stars! Top of the day to you.

I’m thrilled to announce that a new series is coming up on Gelax Chatroom titled Single Celibate Christian… Yippee!

Gelax Chatroom - Bolaji Gelax

Yes, I’m as excited as you are. On this brand new series, I will be sharing what my experience (and that of others) has been like as a single Christian lady trying to find love while carrying a no-sex placard on my forehead.

However, permit me to state upfront that, this is not going to be some sort of life lessons or perspire to aspire whatever. In fact, you might leave a post more confused than you ever were. I’m just here to share my experience, read about yours and, maybe, learn a lesson or two. 😜

Single Celibate Christian is going to be (as much as possible) an open diary about what it’s been like for me as a hustling young lady awaiting the LOML and everything in between. Simply put, expect pure cruise on this series.

I’m doing this because I wish I had more persons open up to me as to what it was like for them growing up and passing through this stage. We (Nigerians, Africans) tend to only share the good and juicy details of our story. What about the other parts, the struggles, the challenges, the frustrations, the mistakes, the regrets and all that?

I’m doing this series for me, those going or have been through this phase, and the upcoming ones. (I just sounded like a celebrity referring to upcoming stars. LOL)

I’m doing this for the culture.

This series will surely step on toes and will vex people. I will receive numerous phone calls and messages. I might be judged and called names, I will be laughed at, and I might be broken up with; but guess what guys, the thought of all that only makes me even more excited. After all, I’m a BUTTERFLY.

On a serious note: Please pray for me that this doesn’t ruin my chances of finding a husband. Kikikiiii… I’m not kidding 😂

Gosh, I’m super pumped guys!

But really though, it doesn’t matter if you are not a Christian, married or a sex worker, trust me, this is a no-judgment zone, and this new series is definitely not one to miss out on. Because boy, it’s gonna be mad cruise! Know why?

I’m ready to talk, to share, to be naked and vulnerable. And I’m prepared to learn from everyone.

I mean, if we do not talk about these things, how will people know they are not alone in their struggles? How can people learn to not repeat mistakes that have been made a gazillion times already? Tell me, how?

Dearest, are you 21 and above, non-judgmental and open to reading about the struggles of a drop-dead gorgeous, 20-something-year-old, single, celibate, Christian lady living in Nigeria? Welcome on board. Otherwise, click on another category; I’ve got many more exciting and less offensive packages😉

Yo Stars, your Saturdays are about to be lit on the #Galaxy!

Click here to read my first series titled Goodbye, Mine.

Are you excited? Great, this ship sails in four days!

Check out episodes one, two, three and four.


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  1. As a single celibate human being, I am ready for this series. Bring it on, Gelax. My eyes are itching already, can’t wait to see this unravel.


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