Okada & Keke Ban in Lagos – Surviving Lagos #RantOnGC

The #OkadaBan #KekeBan that was effected on February 1, 2020 in Lagos has seen thousands of Lagosians trekking to and fro work. It’s been an appalling experience, one that has caused many to lose their sources of livelihood and has exposed others to exploitation and thievery.

Image: Gbedu TV

It seems only the ones privileged to own a ride or more are happy about this ban as they get to drive on the road without the recklessness customary to the okada riders. Unfortunately, the rest of the divide have had no choice but to spend more than their budget on transportation, wait at bus-stops forever, and/or trek miles to arrive at their destinations.

Here is a rant from a Lagosian

This is Lagos… Lagos Nawa!

Lagos, Okada ban
Image: @Rozapepper on twitter

First working day after the ban of motorcycles and tricycles in Lagos and I’m not getting myself at all. How can the state government just take this kind of drastic decision without an alternative or putting the condition of the masses into consideration? This is way beyond crazy, honestly.

The roads are terrible and traffic has subtly become a way of life in the state that the most effective and reliable means of transportation are the motorcycles and you think by banning it you are treating the citizens well?

Absolutely preposterous!

I walked more than medically necessary for a human my age and I know a lot of people who had a hard time getting to their work and business places

The buses that were even available were now inflating the transport fare and I’m wondering who did this to us?

What sin have we committed as a country?
How can we make atonement for these sins?
Whosoever we offended, please, we’re sorry, we won’t do it again.

Forgive us and take away this curse of a government from us!

Rant was sent in by The Tory Teller. Please check out her blog following through that link. And remember, you can also send in your rant to gelaxchatroom@gmail.com for a possible feature.

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3 thoughts on “Okada & Keke Ban in Lagos – Surviving Lagos #RantOnGC

  1. This is why Living in Lagos should be listed in 1000 ways to die. The suffering don dey pass our power. I hate to say this but this country is a Joke that should be featured on cartoon network! Eish!

  2. Like seriously… ROTFL

    If the country is a joke, them we the citizens are jokers, right? #AskingForAFriend

    Thanks for reading & commenting.


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