On promoting my friends and their creative works

You don’t have to like what all artists put out, but, you MUST be kind. Sometimes, kindness is silence, having this knowledge that no one ever put anything out with the intention for it to fail. I’ll be the first to admit to you that as a listener, you hold all the power. It’s okay to not like somebody’s creative output but it will never be okay to tear people down.

Adekunle Gold

Those were the words of AG Baby in his last letter to his fans. By the way, if you haven’t listened to #AfroPop Vol. 1 by Adekunle Gold, I believe you are missing a lot, no jokes! My favourite tracks are ‘Exclusive’, ‘My Ex’ and ‘Pretty Girl’. If you have, please share your favourite on the album in the comment section.

Last week, a friend of mine, Abayomi, who is an upcoming artist, shared one of his latest works with me. He wanted to know what I thought about it. It was nice. I liked the song a lot, and I told him so. When he officially released the song, I didn’t hesitate in carrying the matter on my head like Agege bread, asking my Stars to take a listen to it. Know why? I love the song and I’m too generous a person to keep such a good music to myself?

Please listen to Yomi – Madu Madu, a mash-up of 14 of Kizz Daniel’s songs 👉 HERE

However, this wasn’t the same energy I gave to one of his previous releases. It was a fine song, but it didn’t resonate with me. This fact made it difficult for me to share the song with others even though he’s my friend, and I know he needs all the support for his hustle. I must admit, it wasn’t an easy decision but it didn’t feel right to share it either. I don’t know if you get what I mean?

Last night, I put up another song by my OG, High M, who I’ve been opportuned to listen to his entire album way before any of the tracks on it dropped. Yeah, I’m that kinda special friend, y’all 😉.

Anyway, one of his tracks, My Way, unseated Brymo’s ‘Something Good is Happening’ which had been my ringtone for years. And trust me, that says a lot because your girl is one who hardly ever changes her ringtone or DP.

Please, listen to High M – My Way 👉 HERE (so he gets some coins😉)

Now, a comment from one of my Stars who listened to High M’s latest release prompted this blog post. He asked me if I was promoting my friend’s song because I liked it or out of loyalty.

Please listen to HIGH M – Murder On My Mind ft Eniola Havoc x MVP MILITIA 👉 HERE

So, I’m bringing that question here to you;

Should we still promote our friend’s or relative’s work even when we do not like it or think it’s good enough?

I mean, I don’t have to think about it twice when one of my favourite superstars releases a creative piece that I do not like; I won’t share or promote it. It’s a no brainer. And like AG Baby said, sometimes, kindness is silence. But with people that I know personally, understand their hustle and know they need all the promotions they can get, should I still keep the same energy when I don’t like their work or it falls short?

Please, let me know if you’ve ever been in a situation like this before? Also what would you do?


Bolaji Gelax

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22 thoughts on “On promoting my friends and their creative works

    1. So wait, let me get you straight, you mean you share the work then go ahead to ask the creative why the work wasn’t so good?

  1. I had a friend who wanted me to help promote his sports channel. I was super hyped for him but then I realised it involved hookups and betting.


    I don’t resonate with those kinds of things and definitely can’t attach my name to then. So I kindly turned him down and we were good.

    So yeah, if my mind doesn’t gel with it, I won’t jump on it.

  2. Art! I’m thinking I would promote no matter how much I like or dislike it. I promote the work because I believe it may impact on someone differently. For me yes, I will promote those works I hype less if it’s not on poor quality

  3. … reminds me of a scenario I once encountered.

    Personally, I think I would be either… I may repost cuz they need it and I may not, if it sucks too much.

  4. Adékúnlé Gold’s album is a bomb. I love all the tracks but my favourites are Sabina, Okay and My Ex.

    About promoting friends’ hustle, I think it’s a tad dicey. Not everyone wants to be associated with Mediocrity, no matter whose craft it is. Personally, I wouldn’t want to recommend anything that would be a disappointment to people’s expectations, especially if I can’t defend what I am recommending.

    Yorùbá have a saying that ‘tí a ò bá torí epo jẹ’ṣu, o ó torí iṣu jẹ’po’ – circumstances make us do certain things we might not want to do. Loyalty in friendship would make one go all the way out for a friend. Sometimes, loyalty is blind faith or belief. I believe when we are truly loyal to a friend, we wouldn’t mind promoting their hustle no matter the quality.

  5. Hey stars…latecomer is here!

    I personally think you can support your friends hustle while being real with them. I mean I will sing your praise outside, and inside have a dialectical discourse with you if I think wot you put out is below average. For example, a friend thinks he/her can sing and produce well, you know he/she can’t sing shit but good with production. Though it may seem a subjective opinion but you owe it to them to let them see it, especially after sampling opinion when putting it out. And if the consumer are saying the same thing…he/she better listens and up their singing game or focus on perfecting production.

    Btw My Way is dope, Good music!!!

    Holla Gelax!

    1. Oh, look who now wears his late-coming title with pride! 😁

      That’s a kind and loyal thing to do, Kachi. 👍

      Yes, it is! I’m glad you like it.

      Holla right back, latecomer Star!😉


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