Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas

As Valentine’s Day draws near, many are clueless on what to do to make this Valentine special for their significant other. That’s why I’ve put together the Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas for the lovers out there. Trust me, you’ll find at least one perfect plan for your man or woman.

Perfect Valentine's Day Ideas

For him

  1. Breakfast in bed

If y’all are married or you live together, wake your partner up with the sweet aroma of a delicious meal while still in bed. Make sure the tray has variety of foods and it is colourful. Put effort in the presentation of the meal, don’t just make white rice and stew with fried plantain and sachet water. Abeg, abeg, do more. Google how to spice up regular meals and make something quick but different (we don’t want to be late for work now, do we?)

2. Lunch at work

Perhaps, making breakfast won’t be realistic, especially if you live in Lagos with this #okada and #keke ban or you both do not live together, (distance relationship or whatever) sending him a surprise lunch is a great idea. Find a catering service with trusted meal menu, order his favourite and have it delivered to him at work, especially, if your man is a foodie.

I just thought of one of my uncles who doesn’t like to eat. His wife literally calls him during the day to remind him to have the breakfast she packed for him to work. Imagine her sending my uncle a special lunch at work, F9… LOL

3. Classic dinner date

How about you both dress up nice and go on a date at a nice restaurant? Sounds nice, huh?


Romantic date on Valentine's Day

Take your man out. Make him dress up for you and you do the same. Wear a nice dress, put on makeup, wear sweet perfume and take your man to a nice restaurant to wine and dine. The best part, you pay the full bill, darling.

Let’s start showing these men we can spoil them, too.

P.S: Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

4. Movie Date

What’s that movie you know your man would totally enjoy watching? Get the tickets in good time and have a movie date. After which you both could go to a restaurant to grab something to eat, take a long drive to nowhere in particular, stealing kisses and touches or you could take the party home. Whatever rocks your boat; valentine is on a weekend after all. *wink*

5. Make his favourite dish

A little low on cash or you just love cooking? (Not me!) Get back home early from work and rustle up his favourite dish before he gets home.

My advice, whatever you are doing, don’t do too much so you don’t get too tired for the partê after partê. You know what I mean…

6. Candlelit Dinner

If you are making him his favourite dish, why not make it a candlelit dinner at home. Get the kids away to avoid what happened here, invest in some scented candles, wine and a gorgeous lingerie. I think the meal will taste better in his mouth with you dressed in provocative lingerie.

Don’t let him touch you until you are ready, build up the anticipation, milk the night out for as long as you want, my darling. Men love to hunt, make him wait. Flirt with him over dinner, make light conversations about nothing particular, ask him what he wants after meal, tell him how you want it (please, this is not the time to make material demands), tease him, play with your man, make him long for you so badly that he begs for it. Then you may…

Light out!

7. Grand entrance leading to the big surprise/Treasure Hunt

I’ve found out even though men don’t say it or act like it, they love surprises.

You still have a few days left to plan out a breath-taking valentine for your man. If you love to be extra, like myself, this could be the perfect Valentine’s Day idea for your man.

Romantic - valentine's day romance

You can employ the use of rose petals, scented candles, chocolates, wine, photos, sticky notes, you name it! Start the build-up by sending him short messages while he’s still at work, teasing him about what awaits him that evening – stick handwritten notes with sweet & flirty words in his car, on the dashboard, car seat, foot mat, door handle, mirror, anywhere and everywhere.

The idea is for you to leave a trail and clues for him to follow with the rose petals, photos, etc. on the sticky notes leading him up to where the big surprise is. You decide what the big surprise should be –pregnancy result, a great sleepless night, candlelit dinner, a big gift box… very important!

Gift boxes for your man
Men deserve gifts too

Make your man hunt for you again. I bet, it’s gonna be fun!

Hmmm…I’ve got lots of crazy ideas in my head (email me for more inspirations

8. Do a mini karaoke & dancing for him

Bring the spice back by singing karaoke and doing a little funny but dirty dance for your man in the bedroom.

Sexy role play for Valentine

Put on a beautiful wrap gown or his t-shirt to hide the sexy lingerie underneath OR you could go role playing; school girl, professor, cartoon character, mask, Game of Thrones character, the list is endless. In the middle of your dancing and karaoke performance, pull out his Valentine gift like a magician, let him dance with you or you could make him just sit still watching as you tease him.

You just go wild, lady. He’s your man after all!

9. Take him on a getaway

Plan a trip especially if your man is the type who works too hard but hardly ever plays. Take him somewhere he can relax and be pampered.

Lodge in a hotel all weekend, visit the spa together, plan a picnic, have a full day/weekend of pure intimacy and relaxation. He’s gonna thank you for it.

10. Visit an art gallery or museum together

If your man is into art and history, why not.

11. Take him shopping.

You read that right. Take your man shopping sis, you won’t die. I promise.

12. Buy him a real gift.

It’s time you put an end to buying your man boxers and underwears. Please, please, please! This has to stop! What the heck is that? What happened to getting him AirPods, watches, shoes, shirts, gift hampers, cakes, chocolates, ticket to his favourite team’s game or concert, artworks, perfumes, belts, custom-made gifts and even a car.

Yes, girl, your mates buy their men cars, ask Cardi B.

If you won’t buy him a real gift, don’t expect one either, periodt!

13. Get creative with your Netflix & Chill

If your man likes things really simple, you guys could just Netflix & Chill. Make sure there’s enough fuel in the generator (bloody Nigerians), popcorn, chocolates, wine and pizza or well-seasoned grilled chicken in the microwave.

Nothing spells chilled like cuddling up with the one you love on a couch while you binge on movies and junks.

14. Love letter/messages

Love letter

Write your man a heartfelt love letter or send him text messages every hour on the hour.

Make him blush all day long.

15. What is that one thing your significant other has always talked about getting?

I don’t know, but you do. Get it!

For Her

I have no plans of spending too much time on what to get the ladies ‘cause I feel, since time immemorial, ladies have always gotten the nicest things on Valentine. Most vendors this season have ten times more options of things to gift the lady than they have for men. So, I’ll just list some things, for those men who are terrible at gifts.

Forgive me ladies, maybe next year. I love y’all though *kisses*

  1. Romantic Lunch or Dinner date at a nice restaurant
romantic valentine date

2. Movie date

3. Gift her a shopping voucher

4. Kidnap-surprise/ blindfold-surprise. It better be a good one or you might get some back hand. I’m just saying.

5. Candlelit dinner at home

6. Buy her her favourite pet

Pet - cute dog - valentine gift

7. If you’ve got the money and she’s worth it, then buy her a car!

8. Girls like me like it simple. You send me pizza, ice-cream or yummy spaghetti and you’ve made my V-day, honestly. We are the best kinda girlfriends ever! #SweetGirlsGeng

9. A trip to an amusement park

10. Get her a custom-made bracelet/necklace

11. Wake her up to a surprise decoration (no saxophone please) and gift.

12. Stick love notes around the house

13. Send her a surprise gift package at work (flowers, teddy bear, chocolates, cake, perfume, hamper, love letter, customized gifts such as shirt, face-cap, necklace, etc.)

14. Renew your vows to her in a romantic way and place.

15. Fly her out to her most desired destination.

16. Make a scrapbook of your marriage/relationship with pictures of your most memorable moments together. Use random & funny pictures of her and of you together, pictures of places or things you both want to go/do with a promise note to make that dream come true, yada yada.

17. Make a sweet video with clips and pictures of you two together with a beautiful love song as the background music (check here for list of songs you can use)

18. Make a box or jar of “Why I Love You.”

This is really simple and easy to make but a very sweet gesture. Write down the reasons why you love her in colourful notes and put in a box or jar for her.

19. What is she really into?

Makeup & Skincare kit

Makeup, skincare, hair care, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories or money; surprise her with a kit and you my bruv, will be on her WhatsApp status and DP all day long. Well, that’s if, “you’re the only one chopping her work in the eye of the carton” (please ask your Yoruba friends to translate this for you.)

20. Last but definitely not the least, might be the most important Val gift actually. PROPOSE TO HER in the most romantic way possible and you definitely will be making someone’s daughter shed tears of joy.

Put a ring on it!

I don’t know why I’m excited about Valentine’s Day this year but yo, I’m really pumped y’all! I hope you have the best of fun this weekend.

Happy Valentine Lovers!


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  1. Thank you plenty, Blue to Bliss. And yes, both you and your partner can enjoy most of the experiences together.

  2. Thank you Gelax…when will you start a matchmaking section on this blog🙃🙃🙃

    Like…Man needs a val…btw 24-30yrs…lives within lag, passionate, and lively….and blah blah blah 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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    Eeeerm… Maybe we should stick to the blah blah blah for now😂🤣

  4. Just saw someone with a status on the green app that says guys this is my first valentine and I dont know what to expect what if he gets me a car?

    I just rolled my eyes and kept swiping then I saw someone selling a bouquet of six roses for $25 United States Dollars and the price does not include delivery charges … wawu for prices like that those roses better be singing all the greatest hit love songs and maybe cook even

    Day 2 of 14


    1. I’m laughing with tears 😂😂🤣🤣.

      Honestly, I hate when women think they are entitled to expensive val gifts but hardly ever return the favour 🙄.

      Those roses better cook spaghetti bolognese… LMAO.

      I see you counting down, B🤩😅


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