I detest it when someone keeps me waiting. Don’t get me wrong, I turn up late for some appointments too but I do not make people wait for 2 hours!!! I mean waiting TWO freaking hours for someone to show up!!! That is just so annoying. It is worse when the person shows up with no plausible reason for having kept you waiting.

I get that traffic and other unforeseen circumstances can cause delays, but when this same person does it not once, not twice, then in my world that is just unforgivable. Why did I allow it to happen more than once, you ask … bi won se bini niyen o.
First time it happened, I assumed the person took a wrong turn and missed the way so it was allowed. I mean that could happen if you are going to a place for the first time. Fast forward to a few months after and I’m at the bus stop waiting for this person to show up so we can head to the bus park and proceed on a trip. Waka wey no suppose pass one hour even with madt traffic, na so I stand for 2hours! In the two hours, I knew all the lines of the aporo epa ijebu and opa eyin adverts that were bellowed out of the loudspeaker atop the vehicle parked nearby. When this travel partner showed up, you won’t believe the excuse- she forgot her purse at home and had to go back to get it. I should have empathized abi?  I had no energy to do so, considering I had been calling her number and all she said was, “I’m on my way, the traffic is soooo crazy”. You can imagine how the small empathy I had ja pa when she arrived and said “I didn’t leave home on time and I had to go back to get my purse.”
Did I mention that I once sat at a restaurant nursing a bottle of water while waiting for another lady? Appointment was for 5pm, it was going to take her 30 minutes to show up but she strolled in around 7pm. Her story? She was waiting for her tailor to come drop some clothes, meanwhile all the time I was calling she only said to give her a few more minutes, and she would be with me.
They say once bitten twice shy, but I like to give people the benefit of doubt – now I know better.
Like I said earlier, I get that Lagos traffic is very unpredictable but it is only fair enough that you honestly tell the person you are running late and say exactly where you are. Do not give the impression that you are 10 minutes away from the meeting point when in fact you are just brushing your teeth in your house which is 1 hour away.
Growing up, I was taught to arrive for appointments 15 minutes before time so I find it totally unacceptable for someone to keep me waiting for two hours with no plausible excuses. I just can’t deal!
By: An Anonymous Blog visitor.
BTW Anonymous, why is it that ladies always delay you for two hours? 😆😆

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  1. What is it with ladies and late coming? To think they spent most of the time on makeup and deciding what to wear…


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