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Hey, Star!✨

Thanks for stopping by the blog, again. I’m sure by the time you’re done reading this post, you’re either like me or love me more, and you’d either choose to explore Miss Flowery’s World and/or come back for more just because… 😉

Many years ago, a yellow pawpaw man met a dark skinned beautiful. As his eyes fell upon her, he knew he had to have a communion with her. Surely, it wasn’t just for the self-ish reason you’re already thinking but so the world might be blessed with the fruit of their genital meet(s).

Then came ME. Me was a beauty to behold. She was every black mother’s dream. The neighbours envied her parents and even wished they could have her.

Bolaji Gelax Chatroom I -iwoke up like this

Here’s how Me woke up…

After years of studying how to add & subtract, read & write, how to till the ground and feed the nation, Me decided she’d rather use her voice, face, body (get your mind out of the gutter😏), brain and personality to bless the world.

However, in Me’s world, faces get beaten. Sometimes, until they looked like Jolie’s in Maleficent.

Bolaji Gelax Chatroom - highlighting & contouring

But remember, Me is a beautiful child. It doesn’t matter if her face was left bare, beaten or made-over, she always came out looking how she was meant to be…

Bolaji Gelax Chatroom - Miss Flowery


Now tell me, what’s better than a drop-dead gorgeous girl if not one with a dash of sass.

Oh, trust me when I say the Creator poured an unquestionable amount of that in Me.

Bolaji Gelax Chatroom - Miss Flowery

Today, as always, Me has decided to bless you with a Picture Story she hopes would make you smile, and to tell you that…

You, dear Star, are amazing.

You are capable of so much more than where you are right mind could even conceive which is why you most keep feeding it with the right things. Look into the Scriptures, chew on the promises He has for you, work and pray for surely, you’d be unstoppable.

This post was written just because…

What better way to wish you a beautiful week than with beautiful pictures of Me.

Bolaji Gelax - Miss Flowery - Gelax Chatroom

From Me to You, dearest, have a fantabulous week! Whenever it gets tough, remember you’re a Star. Do not let anything dim your light this week.

Shine on, Star. Shine! ❤️✨

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Hey, Star! Thanks for stopping by my world. I'm a gorgeous, sassy radio junkie who enjoys playing devil's advocate. I love everything that makes me happy, which includes the Stars in my #Galaxy. They call me MISS FLOWERY because I bring good vibes, love and light. Feel free to explore my world ❤✨

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