FUN FACTS About Bolaji Gelax

Hey beautiful people, Happy New Year once again. Hope your year has been good thus far?

Biko, am I the only one who thinks January is taking forever, as always? Kiloshele naw? I’m ready for Valentine o please

Anyway, in a bit to share more about myself with you my dearest #Galaxy, here are 6 random FUN facts you never knew about me 😉

About Bolaji Gelax
  1. I’m a nudist.

Like, I legit am a nudist. Nudism is the practice of going nude especially in sexually mixed groups and during time spent at specially secluded places. Let’s step on the brake for a teeny weeny moment all right, maybe I’m not a full-fleshed nudist after all; as I don’t go stark naked in front of the opposite sex. But man, am I always in my birthday suit in secluded places? 💯

When I was in 100 level at the university, I stayed at Mozambique Hall, R block which was one of the last blocks in the hostel. I would walk all the way from my room to the buttery, wearing nothing but a flimsy scarf. There were times I only covered my bosom with my teddy bear. And if I stumbled on a man who had probably come to fix something in the hostel before 4pm, I’d either run into any room close by or just form ‘unbothered.’

Seriously guys, I was popular for my nakedness. (Hope my dad doesn’t see this)

Speaking with a friend a few days ago, I remember saying, “If I were a social media savvy or attention-hungry girl, my nudes would have been on the internet by now,” but let’s thank God for God, right?

Oh, just remembered something else. Two years ago while I was taking a training on presentation, a lady told me she was going to rape me one day for always walking around the hostel naked. I was shocked. More ‘shook’ because she was an SU. Not even funny, guys

2. I can be petty

I’m that friend who would always ask why you called our other friend first before calling me. I’m the child who would ask mumsy if she counted the yam into my plate while serving the beans and yam, and gave me the least. I’m the sister who would ask why you say you love my other sibling more than me. I’m the colleague who would feel bad for being the last to hear the office gist. I’m also the girlfriend who would form angry that the gift you bought your girl friend is more expensive than mine. Oh! Did I mention that I get vexed when group pictures are taken without me? Duurrr!

Gosh! I really can be so damn petty.

However, the good thing about my pettiness is, it’s never that serious. Never ever. Sometimes I laugh at myself for ever even saying some of those things out loud. Like what the heck was that, B? 💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️

3. I am an oxymoron

I’m always on both ends of the spectrum about quite a number of things. Ẹ.g: I love eating steaming hot food + very cold water. I don’t like sugar or sugary foods and drinks but I enjoy ice cream. I don’t like competing but I love competitions. I love homemade meals but hate cooking.

Ice cream girl

The list goes on and on…

Weird, right? I know. Pheeew!

4. I have phobia for fine boys

Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Eeh! Once I see a fine boy that I like, I instantly shut my mind and start giving my head and heart serious lectures on why they shouldn’t even think of catching feelings😂

Falling for a fine boy is synonymous to looking for trouble, in my opinion.

Handsome man

Bobo was surprised when I mentioned this to him. He was like, “Are you saying I’m not a fine boy?” I moved closer to him, planted a wet kiss on his cheek and said, “You are good looking but nope, you’re not a fine boy. If you were, we wouldn’t be dating.”

I can bet he felt bad that day ‘cause all he said after that was, “Oh wow, interesting.”

I know it’s funny but really, I fear fine boys die. I can’t fit, abeg.

5. I’m a walking meme.

Jeez! The expressions on this pretty face of mine ehn, something else! I know this because people say it a lot and I’ve seen countless pictures and videos of myself attesting to this fact.

Jide Kosoko
Meme Personified!

Sometimes, I like to think Jide Kosoko is my dad. Oh my, the way that man contorts his mouth, nose, brows, eyes and his face generally, simply cracks me up –all the time. I don’t know how but I think I may have some of his genes. By the way, I’ve been thinking of writing a short story from my expressions caught on camera with one of my colleagues during our office party. Funny stuff

Memes - Bolaji Gelax

And to the last fun fact for today; dearly beloved #Galaxy…

6. I have no cleavage.

Nope, I don’t! And before you say anything, I inherited this from my mum. Okay fine, she’s more busty (who cares), but heck, she sure gave me these collar bones and my ever-visible rib lines. My friends always joke about how people can count my ribs from several miles away 🙆‍♀️

Bolaji Gelax - Gelax CHatroom
Gosh! Just look at that well

No matter how low the neckline of the cloth I wear is, you will hardly see the swelling of my breasts.

I know you want to know why there is a cleavage showing in this next picture. Calm down, I can explain.

Bolaji Gelax - Gelax Chatroom
Don’t believe everything you see online

You see, we had to put a sock and a handkerchief each, inside both bra cups to achieve this remarkable display of flesh, and that was in addition to oiling the heck out of them just for a little more hump🤣😭

Why the trouble?

Bolaji Gelax on set

Here is the gist, these pictures were taken on the set of a short film I produced months ago. The character I played was to seduce a pastor, yada yada. Anyway, I played the role so well, I’ve never been able to watch the full film with my eyes opened. Skies! The ‘shame’ (for lack of a better word to use) of how good I played the role didn’t even let me attend the film screening. The screening comes with a Q&A session and I was not going to stand in front of the hall answering questions about my seducing prowess or whatever you might want to call it.

Let’s just say, this film may never make it to the public – maybe a snippet of it sha but skies! 🙈 my father will just kuku kee me finally niyen mehn… LOL

Bolaji Gelax

Dearests, it’s a wrap on this episode of  ‘Getting To Know Bolaji Gelax.’

If you have questions you’d like to ask me, feel free to drop them below. I’ll harvest them in due time for the next episode. Till then, sending love, kisses, flowers & sunshine your way, my dearest #Galaxy 😘


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  1. I laughed a lot reading this. Made me miss you somehow too. You’ve always been amazing and so full of life. Well done.

    1. Flakky!!!! I miss playing with your fine cheeks😁

      Awwwn…thanks for the sweet words. You are far too kind😘


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