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Should I press send? Should I press send? Or should I not?

To be honest, I asked myself this one question for a whole week. I know you’re wondering what’s up, is she ok? Yes, I am ok… that, I can answer. I wrote it all out and I was going to press send.

Let’s flash back to two weeks ago; I got this new job in Lekki as a customer service representative and admin for an auto-care company. My sister works in Victoria Island but stays in Ajah. She has a roommate who works in the same company as her but in a different branch. So, I moved in with them both.

In the first week at my new job and staying with them, this roommate of hers whom I take as a sister as well, started dishing out attitudes. People say it’s “girls’ way” but I think it’s just childishness.

Shhhhh… not a word. Not yet. It’s my rant anyways.

Well, I never complained, I never said a thing.

Here is where the drama gets to its peak. They had just started their Saturday shifts and that Saturday was their day off; so girls were sleeping well while I had to go to work. I was looking for the outfit to wear to work when ‘madam roommate’ woke up and the only way to respond to my greeting was to say,

“Tosin, don’t put dirty clothes on my bag”

“They are not dirty clothes”, I replied.

That was how aunty got angry and started to murmur. She woke up my sister to tell her she can’t deal with me and that it was just too early for the drama. My sister asked me what happened, I explained to her and with courtesy, apologized to the roomie.

The next day, my sister called me and asked me to stay away for a while to let the house cooool. It would have been fine if it was just a visit and that wasn’t my closest option to work. I smiled and said nothing. Anyway, I went to the mainland for the weekend and got back on Sunday night. That night, I packed my bags and the next morning, I moved. My sister and I took the same bus to work but she didn’t say a thing. only for me to get to work and see a message from her.

“I’m sorry about the whole thing sis…. I didn’t send you out of my place….. but since her sister can’t stay, having my sister stay is somehow.”

Mind you, earlier in the week our aunty was making angry calls with her family members saying her sister can’t stay with her just because she got a job in Lekki and that she should stay at their uncle’s in Lekki. At least they have an uncle… one in Lekki at that.

Mind you one more time, there was an agreement between my sister and her roommate that I could stay with her (them). But you know what happens to word of mouth agreements right?

I wasn’t angry though, more like was hurt, so I wrote it all out – how I felt and I was hanged on pressing send. Who gets the hurt at the end of the day, my sister or me? All I know is I wouldn’t send Ajua (our baby sister) out of my apartment because my roomie threw a tantrum once. That roommate would have to deal with her herself. What if she were her sister, wouldn’t she find a way to handle her? I guess the way we handle situations are different. My sister’s best bet was to run.

I have a question for you though, if you were my sister, what would you have done?


Bolaji Gelax

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8 thoughts on “SHOULD I PRESS SEND? – Brown’s Diary

  1. If I were your sisteh, I will make a decision based on the knowledge of my housemate, if I know that that’s just the beginning of the wahala, then I will prefer you leave, and when I can afford to stay alone, the house is yours as well, if it’s a one off then you can stay. There’s no joy living in a place where you have to watch all you do. Heck, even how you breath sef can cause wahala

    1. I agree with you. Brown’s sister’s reaction was a little too insensitive. It made it seem she herself couldn’t wait to get rid of Brown

  2. Your sister was in a difficult place. Off the dome, choosing family is the obvious choice but you need to also look at the circumstances. Your sister is only half of the decision to stay at the house. I believe she would have done all she could to resolve the matter before you leaving the house became eventual.

    If I were your sister, I would do what will make both our lives bearable! And I bet you would do what makes her life bearable too.
    Don’t press send…

  3. I wouldn’t let someone make my family feel inconvenient I don’t want to know if she’s the one paying the full rent.

  4. It’s obvious the tantrum specialist ain’t happy having anyone floating around, if she could reject her sister, she sees no reason why her roommate ( ur sis) should allow you stay. Maybe they had an initial agreement. Your sister on the other hand processed the situation based on her temperament. She seems to be the “jeje” “no wahala type”. We are all different. None of them are evil genius. Lol. Let them have their space. There’s always a way out of chaos. Send the message… You may get a better understanding from her response 😉

    1. Laughing out @ Tantrum Specialist 😂
      I like your angle; sister sister, everyone knows how many sister(s) they have right☺


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