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Holla! How y’all doing?
Please allow me to introduce you to a new segment on this blog called #RantOnGelaxChatroom #RantOnGC. You are welcome to send your rants to gelaxchatroom@gmail.com and it will be published here – anonymously, if you so desire. However, I will be kicking this off with my own rant about an annoying incident that happened few weeks back.
I travelled down to Abeokuta for a gig and it was my first time seeing the long pedestrian bridge also known as the confusion bridge, in the rock city since its completion. What a sight to behold!

On the bridge, there was a certain man who was wearing an orange jacket, a speaker by his side, a megaphone in one hand and a bible in the other. He was sweating profusely as he preached on about the repentance and the kingdom of God. As I walked past him, I heard him say, ‘You wearing the cloth meant for a man, go and repent if not you will go to hell fire’

I turned around to see if there was someone else on that part of the bridge at the time who had on a ‘man’s cloth’ only to realize that he was referring to me. I was so livid, I literally lost my church mind. Turning to him I said, ‘You are going to hell. As a matter of fact I know Jesus and I know heaven and I know I will make heaven but you will most likely go to hell!’ Yeah, I said all that ‘cause I was very furious.

Would you believe this man replied me? ‘Go and read your bible! If you are reading your bible you will know, go and read your bible. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, don’t go to hell’ …on and on he went. Oh boy, I had to caution myself from replying any further.

Forgive me please, but is it not the same bible we read? Why are some people just so condemning? Preachers in Lagos buses are worse, gosh! I can’t deal abeg.
PS: Wondering how I remember all he said? I recorded a voice note on my phone just so I won’t miss out any of the details… LOL

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