She Doesn’t Need to Know You Forgot – A Last Minute Valentine Special (Freebie Included)

So you forgot to lay down plans for Valentine, again!

Well, we’ve got the perfect recipe to take your valentine from uneventful, to the best you ever had.

Now, picture this for a moment. It’s Valentine Sunday… You’re back from church and maybe you’re ready to sin. But before that can happen you’ve got to get bae in the mood for love. So what do you do?

You turn the lights down low. You put both your phones on flight mode. You buy or prepare bae’s favourite dish. You snuggle close on the couch or bed. You can feel bae’s breath, warm and precious, blossoming like flowers on your neck.

Your heart beats faster. You know that all you have to do now is to say the magic words to make magic happen. The only problem is you’re no magician, you don’t have the right words, never have and probably never will. Your best attempt at sweet talk is ‘’You are the sugar in my tea’’, ewww!

Well, luckily for you, all hope isn’t lost. If you’re looking for the perfect words to melt bae into hot gold that you can wear like a second skin, then Love & Heartbreak in Lagos is for you.

Let a poet do the talking, so that you can do the doing *wink*

Love & Heartbreak in Lagos is a poetry and film concert that blends the intensity of a romantic movie with the beauty of spoken word poetry. It’s like Titanic on aphrodisiacs, or Romeo and Julie, but set in Lagos with a couple that looks and talks like you and bae (well, maybe not talk like cos Wayne Samuel who is the guy and headliner in this situation is a two time slam champion and songwriter for Johnny Drille, in real life). Yeah, he’s earned the bragging right 😉

Love & Heartbreak in Lagos is what would happen if poetry came between each chapter of your favourite romance novel, and you could watch instead of read it, in HD on your laptop or TV.

So if you want to make love to your lover’s soul this Valentine’s Day, click 👉 now and begin your tour of Love & Heartbreak in Lagos. But if you’re still not convinced, here’s a completely free Ebook detailing how to have your best Valentine’s Day ever.



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