She still said yes to me (Poem)

Bolaji Gelax - Gelax Chatroom

There’s a rush of adrenaline

Inadequately reminding me of the back and forth

Whenever I see what I want

The desire alone overwhelms my thoughts and I say

There’s more to wins than playing the game

Love is the fruit I keep biting from

It is never tired of me

This feeling wants more than desire

This feeling craves for a chemistry

I love the idea of ‘love’

The soul lingers for who he lingers for

This potion is the elixir to the fainting soul

The mind quickens when love is felt

Like a running tap

Fill me up with more love

Keep it close to your heart and you’re in control

Play this game with your heart and your head is fvcked

Play this game with your head and your heart bleeds

Both can be lovers who never agree

I’ve played from both sides of the pitch

I’ve watched from the standby

Imagine a VIP access to all the intrigues

Yes, I’ve been all over the place

It is a craving with insatiable desires

Like a kid who loves more chocolate boxes as much as he can get

She still said yes to me

© Ayo Daniel


Bolaji Gelax

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