Shooting My Shot: 7 Tips On How To Shoot Your Shot

Joromi Joromi
I want you to love me
Joromi baby... Joromi Joro

Kilode kilode o
Why you no dey call me ee
Kilode baby... Kilode Joro

I dey give you signal
Why you no dey see me ah... Joromi
I give you green light tire... Joromi Joro

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Today, I will be sharing the story about my premium shot shooting and Seven Tips on How to Shoot Your Shot. So, stick with me, Stars!✨

If you haven’t read the post on my shortest relationship ever, I recommend you should do that now. It gives a background into today’s story.

No, my two-week trial relationship with Dickson never graduated. We didn’t even write a test, talmbout scaling trial stage. And yes, you are right; it was all my fault. You can blame me all you want, but remember, I was young and maybe stupid. Cut me some slack, all right!

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Now, through the years, Dickson kept checking in on me. He would randomly send me a message to ask about my well-being and all that. He basically never stopped telling me he still liked me.

But of course, I didn’t give us another chance. Mainly because I was always either in a relationship or recently out of one whenever he reached out. And God knows I couldn’t bring myself to put him through what he went through the first time. Nah, I just couldn’t. So whenever he dropped by, I would tell him something in the line of “I don’t believe you still have feelings for me after all these years, and after everything that happened.”

Just showing off my SKIN!!! 😍

Fast forward to a couple of years later, I was attending a film festival at Ikeja, Lagos. On the first day, I opted for a scriptwriting master class, and as usual, I got there pretty late (Miss Perpetual). I was planning to sneak into the classroom. However, I soon realized that the vacant seats were located far back and it would require me walking through the front of the class to get there.

For a second, I contemplated the situation and decided it would be easier to change course. I was ready to locate the acting class instead, but wait a minute… “I am Bolaji Gelax! How can I be shy? What’s the worst that could happen, right?” I said to myself.

Moreover, I had heard a lot about Victor Sanchez from my friend, Kut-Kut. I wasn’t going to bail on him.

Into the class I walked with my head, chin and shoulders raised high. My characteristic charming smile was plastered on my pretty face like Zaron and swaying my non-existent hips, I took my seat like the queen I am, even if I was all fidgety on the inside.πŸ˜‚

The class was going well until I turned and at the other end of the class sat Dickson. Man, I lost my cool. What is Dickson doing here? How? See guys, that Big Man up in the sky is the best scriptwriter ever!

My gosh!

Y’all, I was shook. My tummy did a flip-flop at the sight of him. After class, he walked over and even though I’d like to think and convince myself I kept my cool while we exchanged pleasantries; I’m sure anyone who was around would say otherwise.

I felt like a primary school girl whose forever crush was speaking to for the first time. Swears, my brown cheeks were pink!

Y’all, Dickson had obviously grown since the last time I saw him. Not like he was looking fine or sexy, but boy, he had this confidence and charisma that was so foreign. Man sure grew, and he could now look me straight in the eye. That was new. And cool.

As he walked away, all that was playing in my head was how his lips moved when he talked, the confident smile on his face, everything about him and nothing in particular.

This picture was taken at the event

My friend and I were on our way to the hall upstairs for a film screening when we bumped into Dickson. β€œAh ahn, did someone send this boy to me today?” I asked as I felt blood rushing to my cheeks again.

Apparently, my friend knew Dickson. Poor guy who had no idea Dickson and I had a history, graciously tried introducing the budding filmmaker (Dickson) to the upcoming actor (me). We laughed and told him we knew each other; then they went on discussing his film that had just finished screening.

Yo Stars, I knew there was fire on the mountain when I caught myself staring at Dickson’s lips as he discussed with my friend.πŸ™ˆ

Vector Tha Viper - Teslim
Twitter: @VectorThaViper

Who would have thought that I who used Dickson to do shakara will someday be drooling over him, yeah? Well, that very day, I stood at a corner and was shamelessly drooling over the same guy I dumped years ago.

Long story short, Dickson and I kept in touch. Actually, that’s not true. This brings me to my first tip on how to shoot your shot.

TIP 1: You have to swallow your pride/shame.

Nope, Dickson never called and I never stopped thinking about him, so I swallowed my pride and called him.

I called until I ran out of ideas of what other excuses to give for calling. Worse, dude wasn’t reciprocating and that was annoying. But I wasn’t ready to back down; not when I spent my waking moments fantasizing about him. I was a girl on a mission. My opportunity came soon enough. I needed to make a video for a competition, and even though I could shoot and edit the video all by myself, I decided I needed a professional touch.

After psyching myself and rehearsing my lines for hours, I picked my phone and called Dickson asking for his help.

He was kind enough not to think of my past sins, and agreed to help. The next day, I was all dressed up with my beautiful full 4C natural hair and burgundy painted lips – It was for the video guys, stop wilding!😜

Bolaji Gelax
Sorry, couldn’t find the coloured one

TIP 2: Create a connection

Now that I had gotten the opportunity to see him again, I wanted to rekindle the spark we had.πŸ˜‰

During the shoot, I saw to it that I had on my most playful hat. We joked around, laughed and had fun. After the shoot, we visited a buka in his area to eat hot amala (yam flour). Guys, that amala was madddd, no jokes. The woman dey cook yati! After we don chop belleful, I carried my purse and went back to my hostel.

I would call/text him randomly to ask how he was doing and how the video editing was going.

I visited him two more times to get the two videos we recorded. It was looking like dude was finally over me (who could blame him) but I wasn’t going to let him be that easily, so I made it a point of duty to make each visit as memorable as possible. I think I did good. He was starting to like me again. Don’t ask how I know. Women just know these things.

What I wasn’t prepared for however was how much and fast I was falling for Dickson.

TIP 3: Let nothing stop your shine

Okay now I had collected my videos, and I had no reason to visit him again but for where? How do you tell your heart not to visit the one person it thinks about all day, every day?

I just stopped looking for excuses. I would simply call him to ask if he was free to hangout. After all, man only dies once.

Whenever my heart told me it wanted to see Dickson, I would send him a text and ask if we could hangout. Mi o le wa ku, my future is bright, biko.

TIP 4: Be strategic

I used the visits and our hangouts to carry out investigations. I needed to know what I was up against. Did he really like me? Do I have a chance? Was there another girl? Were we compatible? Yadda yadda.

Mind you, I didn’t make it too obvious. I would simply start off from a completely unrelated topic, chip my question in, get my answer and act like that wasn’t deliberate.

Bolaji Gelax

This worked. I found out Dickson still liked me… yaaay! He never stopped liking me. He was still attracted to me and yes, if he had his way, he would want us to be together. Joy overflowed in my heart, yet I kept my cool.

Finally, it looked like Dickson and I were going to be together again, for real this time.

Until... He also told me he didn't believe in celibacy.πŸ’”

Fun fact: I made a video after that revelation talking about how I was scared I may never find a boyfriend in Lagos, because I thought no Lagos boy wanted a celibate girlfriend. The video stayed on my laptop for months. I was too shy to upload it, so… I deleted it!

Anyway, that wasn’t my biggest problem. The Kilimanjaro was that Dickson had recently had a messy breakup and he was still grieving. In fact, the grief was such that each time he mentioned the breakup, he was almost always tearing up.

TIP 5: Be resilient

Brethren, who was I to let his past ruin the future we could have? Your girl literally became a counselor.😁 I began to console the man my heart was yearning for. I was willing to help him heal faster –for my sake. What did I not suggest?

β€œYou need a break from work.”
β€œDon’t you think it’s the perfect time to go on vacation?”
β€œI think you should see a therapist.”
β€œMaybe you should talk to her one last time to get closure.”
"You really have to move on with you life, Dickson."

Dearest #Galaxy, believe me when I say I turned relationship expert on top this matter. Ko funny rara.

TIP 6: Avoid getting zoned

In as much as I wanted Dickson to get better, I wasn’t going to be friend-zoned or sister-zoned or worst, bestie-zoned. I wanted him to be my man as badly as I wanted him to get over his ex.

The moment I noticed he was getting more comfortable with telling me all about his ex because he saw me as a friend, I pulled back. I needed a little time to myself to re-strategize. My feelings were threatening to burst out of my chest if I didn’t come up with a plan, fast.

TIP 7: Shoot the damn shot!

I was tired of buttering this big baby, so I went straight to him and told him I had feelings for him and would like him to be my boyfriend.

That’s right! I shot my shot.

And guess what ladies and gentlemen, I did not die!

Disclaimer: If you decide to use these tips, know that you will be doing so at your own risk. I never said they worked. I’m not saying they didn’t either.

I know you are itching to find out what happened between Dickson and I πŸ˜‚

Well, you my #Galaxy, will just have to draw up your conclusion πŸ˜‰πŸ˜. Think of it as me giving you the opportunity to be a scriptwriter, okay? This should be fun actually. Please let me know how you think it ended between Dickson and I in the comment section 😘

Also, ladies, have you ever shoot your shot at a guy before? How did it go?

Guys, has a lady ever shoot her shot at you? How did you take it?

Gosh! I can’t wait to read from you! ❀✨


Bolaji Gelax

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31 thoughts on “Shooting My Shot: 7 Tips On How To Shoot Your Shot

  1. Legend has it that you both grew to love each other and he thought you some film tricks…nobody said it has to end nah 😁

    Been Shot atπŸ˜€…Well, NYSC days, girlie used hypothetical situation but I made it easy for her to shoot it direct las las. Common! I’ve never been shot at with all obvious signs before then…I find it quite revolutionary and bold of her. Plus it did not end in tears. Thank you.

    1. Oh! Correction. Not “Thought” or “Taught” He is still teaching you.πŸ˜€

    2. Film what?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Please, I don’t even know what you are talking about. I like your ending though 😍

      Heheheee… You are a gentleman. Are you guys still together?

  2. Really nice. Great sense of humour.

    Well, it’d have ended either in praise or in tearsπŸ˜‚ Either ways, we move! Life goes on πŸ˜‰

  3. I have so many alternate endings. Here’s one short one:

    Dickson chuckled on hearing those words flowing out of her lips with passion.
    “Bolaji, are you for real?” He uttered in amazement.
    “Yes I am.” she said.
    After some few minutes of pin drop silence that felt like forever, he said, “Can you give me some time to think about this?”
    “Yes, sure”, she replied.
    Few days later. Dickson told her he saw her as a friend at the moment and would to keep things that way.

    End of story.
    Yes, I have been asked out. I actually declined. She is my friend’s sister. And I had taken her as my sister. So it was kind of awkward for me.

    1. Eeeeh Lord Jesus, is that what you would have done to me? 😭

      You are a good scriptwriter BTW πŸ‘ Thank you!

      You broke the poor girl’s heart πŸ’” Not niceπŸ˜’

  4. Epilogue:
    Dickson had feelings for me – this, I was quite sure of, but they were dregs of a past he was bringing himself to sip. I did not want to back down because I believed there was still a chance for us to set into bliss like Helen and Paris. Little did I know that emotions can be anticlimactic. His feelings were not as explosive as they used to be; or so I thought. Maybe because our roles had been reversed, I began to see myself shooting shots that were not as inflammable as I had expected. It felt like I was trying, effortlessly, to make a fire out of ashes. I had to let go of Dickson because when my heart was ready to burn for a love so colourful I had imagined for us, all I had were ashes.

    I have had a number of shots fired at me. Once, it was a good friend from school; we were very intimate and liked each other. We did not date but resolved to end our intimacy. About four years later, babe told me she had not gotten over us. She was in a serious relationship but she wanted us to date. Oh boy! I still liked her a bit but I had gotten over the whole thing. That was how I politely said no.

    1. Can we talk about how you wrote an ending that would shatter my heart in a captivating way? Bruv, this is a beautiful way to write a heartbreaking ending. πŸ‘ πŸ‘

      You guys have been turning us down just when we are starting to embrace the idea of coming out with our feelings. Koda bayi oπŸ˜₯

      STOP BREAKING OUR HEARTS, politely or notπŸ˜’

  5. I’m just here sipping my zobo and waiting to shoot my shot at Otedola. And he better chop the bullet. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Mi o le like stress.

      1. Very interesting one but then the disclaimer though…
        Anyway there’s nothing wrong in shooting your shot sha.
        I’ve been and it worked out well and no it didn’t end in tears in fact a pleasant ending…
        I’m sure you want to know because you love amebo like meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        1. You know me too well. Oya now, gist me, plsssssssssssss.

          Let me put out a disclaimer o, before they will say that the tips Gelax gave them did something something…LOL

  6. This is an interesting read. I think girls are becoming more brave and damning that social construct of boys having to do the asking. I love your honesty and tacts tho!

    My last 2 relationships, the ladies did the asking and of course, they were the one who put more effort into the whole thing. I’m a good guy in my own way, love them too, but I am just too boring for relationships. One ended in tears the other didn’t. But I’m cool with the two of them now. Just that now, I still don’t know how to go after a lady intensely like I should. I think this is because I had my last relationships so easy.

    1. Thanks, Juwon Gbajabiamila😁

      Yes, we are getting braver by the day.

      About the tacts, desperate times call for desperate measuresπŸ˜‚

      Thank you so much for saying yes to them and for not being like the other guys turning us down like amala (ok, that was lame😭). Don’t worry, the next girl will save you the stress as wellπŸ˜‰

  7. i recently shot my shot. he proposed a hangout but it seems like its never going to happen. fingers cross.

  8. No waaaayy!! I’m in pains πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. I was looking forward to what happened next 😩😩


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