That Awkward Moment

Oh hi there! Let me engage your imagination a little, some time ago I went to my sister’s office to get something (we used to work in the same agency) and as I walked in I just had to do a double take…oh my gosh!

There was this super cute dude seated at the reception…I tell you he was an epitome of TDH *wink*. I also couldn’t help notice how very calm and collected he looked.
So I stepped out of the office and signaled to my sister and her colleague to come outside as I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further after staring at the guy for about 30 secs like a MUMU (cover face)  My sis and her colleague came outside and I was like “Who is that cute guy in your office?” “Oh I knew you would notice him” said my sister’s colleague who by the way is my namesake [I guess being naughty& mischievous comes with our name]
“He’s too handsome and he has been calm despite the fact that my ‘oga’ (boss)  has delayed him since morning” she continued smiling mischievously –while my sister on the other hand was busy pressing her phone –as she went on talking about the guy, while i was busy peeping at the guy through the window.
“Ouch!” “Why did you do that?” I asked my namesake who just tapped me with a cold bottle of water.
Namesake: “Take this bottle of water from me”
Me: “What for?” “I’m not thirsty”
Namesake: “Well, Mr ‘Cute Guy’ is obviously tired and thirsty”
Me: “So….?” Please don’t even think it! You want me to go and disgrace myself ba?” I replied rolling my eyes at her
Namesake: “My friend, take this water from me and give to the guy jor” she said in Yoruba as she pushed the bottle of water to my bosom and walked back into the office. I turned to my sister for help and all my sister could say was “O.Y.O” (on your own) laughing and shaking her head as she walked back into her office too.
Aaaarrrgh! I was trying my possible best not to look too stupid as I walked into the office with the cold bottle of water in my hand thinking of how much I wanted to strangle my sister and her colleague. “You must be very tired, do you care for this?” I asked ‘Mr Cute Guy’ as I gave him the bottle of water. “Oh thank you, I sure need it” he replied collecting the bottle of water from me. Chai! Come and see your girl smiling like what I don’t know (don’t abuse me o…lol). I got back to my office before even remembering I hadn’t gotten the file I went to my sister’s office for initially, so I called her on the phone to please send someone to bring it for me.
Few minutes later my namesake walked into my office with not only the file but a mischievous grin on her face, I just knew she was up to something so I braced myself for it and of course she dropped a piece of paper on my desk asking me to write down my cell digits. I was like there is no way I was doing that but she wasn’t going to take no for an answer so she threatened to go ask the guy for his digits and tell him it was I who sent her….you guessed right.
*Two Days Later*
“Hello, sorry I missed your call. Who is this please?”
“Tope who?”
“Well I got this number from a lady at the secretariat two days ago and she asked that I call”
“Ooh! Hi…” I just wanted to enter the ground, I felt really awkward that I just kept saying “eemmm”
“This is really awkward, I just mentioned to her that I thought you were really cute and well you know the rest of the story”
“Thank you, that is really nice of you to say” –long silence*
“I am actually seeing someone at the moment so I am really sorry” he finally broke the silence.
“Of course, I mean I just thought you were cute so…. This is goodnight I guess?”
“Yes it is. Thanks for the bottle of water though”
“Goodnight Tope” I said rolling my eyes in their sockets.
Thank God I have a boyfriend I said trying to console myself as I went looking for my sister.

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