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Hey GC lovelies!

Before I go ahead with my rant, permit me to introduce myself to y’all, because I have a feeling we’d be meeting some more after this debut rant πŸ˜‰. I’m Tonia to some & Adedolapo to others – either with her unique personality. I think it’s safe to say I’ve got multiple personalities.

Ever found yourself on a wrong bus or route that you could’ve avoided, or even had premonitions about it being wrong? Well my answer just as some of you is YES! And my rant is centred on a trip I recently took that got me on a wrong route/bus.

Quick background info to help you further relate with my rant before I go ahead.

I’ve always considered myself a low budget mammy water 😁, I’m not weird, I swear I can explain πŸ˜‚

1. I can’t swim. I actually ran away after my first lesson.

2. There’s this fear of being drawn into a large mass of water whenever I’m around one.

3. I’m not ashamed to say that I CAN’T USE THE SHOWER. Always feels like I’m going to drown and the few times I’ve tried always left me gasping for air. So to answer that tiny question in your mind, I request bucket & bowl even in tush hotels.

4. I can’t wash my hair with my head facing down, same reason as mentioned above.

Is this babe normal like this???

I spent the last weekend at a friend’s outside town. The plan was to resume work on Monday directly from hers. We got to the motor park and bade our farewells as we weren’t headed same way. Well, I could’ve taken her bus, but it’d mean a longer travel time and extra fare for me, so I ditched the idea.

Also, there was a bus going to Yaba which is #50 fare to Ojuelegba, just as Barracks, but perhaps what my spirit people had planned out didn’t let me even consider taking the bus.

I then went on to purchase my ticket for a BRT bus going to TBS, because all the buses going to TBS that I had ever taken in the past always go through Barracks bus stop, which was a stop away from Ojuelegba – my destination. What I didn’t consider was that Berger wasn’t the same as Ikorodu, dumb right? 🀦🏾

I found a fairly comfortable seat and got lost in my phone. On the side, I was happy I’d get to work a couple of hours earlier and maybe catch some extra sleep. I was also getting really cold from the AC, that I couldn’t wait to alight and return to “normalcy”.

Bad network reception made me look up from my phone, only to look through the window… fear gripped me when all I saw was a mass of water staring right back at me 😳😱 in my exact words I exclaimed, “Ah! omi okun reee!”

What’s all these? Isn’t this 3rd mainland bridge (3MB) we are on? When did we pass Barracks? How did we even get here? These and a dozen more were the questions running through my head. I had to ask the lady who sat next to me some of these questions.

I needed to get to the root of the matter so I started looking for who to blame for finding myself in this weird situation – stuck in 3MB traffic on a Monday morning with no business whatsoever on the island, and freezing to death at the same time. 

Of course, village people came to mind as the first culprit, but before I could convict them I remembered the background info I gave earlier and thought “this definitely has to be my mammy water spirit people.” Immediately I tagged them guilty. They were the best fit for this crime since water and extreme cold was involved.

They must have missed me and wanted an excuse to bring me to pay homage.

Which was exactly what I did. I waved at them in courtesy. Even took a picture of their (our) abode.

On the bright side sha, my pack of salad was still in favourable condition 😁 all thanks to the cold weather and air condition on the BRT. Yes, I’m also a foodie! 😜.


Na wa, she’s even introducing herself to my people as if we co-own the blog. I enjoyed your gist sha. It is more like your EkoSeries than Rant. Mammy water geh

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