Top Songs & Music Videos #4

Chike – Boo of the Booless Album

Oooh Chike o… this is hard for me to say, but I’m gonna say it anyway… YOU ARE GOOD!

Chike (full name, Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka) is another product of reality TV show and y’all know my love for reality shows, right? He was the runner up of The Voice Nigeria season 1 in 2015 and oh lawd, wasn’t he something on the show! Fine boy with fine lips and fine voice… ‘dem ladies were going gaga.

Before the release of his 14-track album, “Boo of the Booless” on the 14th of February, the singer & actor had been teasing his followers on social media with snippets. This successfully built up anticipation towards the release and I must say, He. Did. Not. Disappoint.

Chike made most (if not all) of the songs on the album sound like he got them supernaturally from his sleep; like he didn’t break a single sweat to write the lyrics and the music. He sounded so damn effortless and abso-freaking-ly beautiful!

My favourite tracks on the album include, Soldier, Faithful, If You No Love Me and Out of Love

The album in one word: effortlessly-beautiful.

Yemi Alade, Angelique Kidjo – Shekere

This video was released in DATE January but I couldn’t talk about it because there was Valentine (link back). Thank God that’s over…LOL

Oh my days! Can we take a moment to talk about the costumes in this video… gosh! With each scene, I was blown away. They were so rich, vibrant, interesting and beautiful. I could find no single fault in the video.

The picture quality, location, choreography, cinematography, and most importantly, the I-can’t-help-but-smile-back smiles on Angelique Kidjo and Yemi Alade’s faces… I don’t know what else to say.

It’s like watching a movie. One I would watch over and again, actually I have seen it more than twenty times.

And oh, the intro on this track… amaze ball!!!

D Smoke ft. Jackie Gouché – Black Habit

Yo, my lover is back to serve black habit!  I told y’all last month, I’ll be stalking this dude’s works, didn’t I?

I love this track and its video, even more than his last work. This music video is the second “movie” on this week’s list. I liked that it had a solid storyline and a message.

Dude is eff-ing good!

The video in one word: Conscious

Madison Beer – Selfish

Image: Billboard

I was surfing YouTube earlier this week when I stumbled on Madison and oh my gosh, I couldn’t help falling in love with her. She’s so pretty! Her face, her voice, her aura, …

I actually see her becoming a movie star in less than two years. All she needs is the perfect sing-act role and boom!!!

And guess what? She’s just 20- years-old!

You should totally check out her video(s), I bet you’ll love her too.

Justin Bieber ft. Quavo – Intentions

I love, love this song and the video, really sweet.

It makes me feel proud of Justin Bieber. I’m a fan.

Rema x Rvssian – Beamer (Bad Boys)

And just when I thought I was done compiling my list, REMA dropped two new singles on us like… WTH? Baby boy is on fireeeee!

This video is super cool. I like that he wasn’t the only bad boy depicted in it ’cause girls have proven they can be badder than ’em bad boys. We’re all…

And nope, Rema is not done with us ’cause this is second song is the real fire!

Rema – Rainbow

I will not even lie, I replayed this track over and again to be sure it was Rema singing. Please o, someone clear my confusion, was that Rema on this track? I’m shook!

Although, I do hear a Rihanna sampling somewhere in the background, can’t place my hand on which of her songs exactly though

He is undoubtedly the coolest kid in Africa. Yes, I said so and you know it.


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