Top Songs & Music Videos (of the week) #3

Welcome back to my weekly list of top songs and music videos. Oh well, just music videos this week.

  1. James Smith – Say You’ll Stay

Soon-to-be 21 years old music act and guitarist, James Smith, who finished sixth on the Britain’s Got Talent season 8, released this beautiful video a week ago (January 20, 2020). It has since garnered over 800k views on YouTube. Honestly, I wonder why good music with substance hardly gain the desired traction. This music is pure gold.

I’m a huge fan of reality shows, especially music talent shows. I love that it gives talents the opportunity and the platform to be harnessed, groomed and showcased to the rest of the world. Some of my faves include; The Voice (especially the Voice), X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, Project Fame, you name it! Actually, one of my dreams is to be a reality show host over a minimum of 10 years (from my fingers to God’s ears, Amen). So yeah, that’s how big I am on reality shows.

Watching James Smith’s video and listening to his voice made be glad, yet again, that there is so a thing as reality shows.

Please watch this video

[Verse 1]

When it's just the two of us
Tell me that I'm what you've always wanted
But lately, love, if I'm being honest
I think your promises are built to break
By mistake

[Verse 2]

'Cause inside my chest
I got one piece left of this broken heart so
When I gave it to you, I should've been more careful
So let go if you can't say you'll stay
Say you'll stay


When you loved me, when my heart bleeds
Till I can't breathe so I'd rather be alone
Than let you hold me and leave me lonely
Unless you show me
That you mean it when you tell me
You won't go-oh-oh-oh
Say you'll stay, oh-oh-oh-oh
Say you'll stay

Find the rest of the lyrics here at Genius. This song couldn’t have been more timely.

2. D Smoke – No Commas

If by now you do not know that I’m big on hip-hop music, then you are a newbie in here. I love hip-hop and it “bursts my brain” when I see a rapper or lyricist who can spit bars, dang!

D Smoke (real name, Daniel Anthony Farris), rose to fame in 2019 after winning the first season of Rhythm & Flow, a Netflix music competition.

See ehn dear #Galaxy, if I start to talk about this badass rapper, ground go full, walahi. He’s goooooooood! Which really, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone considering his musical roots and the amount of work he’s put into his craft.

You know what, no spoilers, just watch the video and see for yaself. Me, I heart D Smoke big time and I’ll be looking out for him and his work like I do Wizkid and Brymo‘s.

Yup dearest, these two music videos are my best in this past week. I’m really happy for the ones who brought these music geniuses into the world and I just want to use this moment to appreciate James Smith & D Smoke for choosing to bless us with their talents.

Okay, I’m getting too dramatic…. Bye guys, catch you soon!


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