I got the portrait up there a few years ago from an ex who I’ll be referring to as Guy in this story.

No, it wasn’t a marriage proposal, Guy was just thanking me for saying yes to being his girlfriend… LOL.
The twist to this drawing is that it was drawn by a guy who had been asking me out (however subtly) for years. Okay, let me give you the full gist here.
I sort of had a school-father, Uncle B, back in university. Uncle B had a roommate called Jim (not his real name). At some point, my younger brother (let’s call him Sean) was staying with my school-father and his friend.
Guy was trying to be a “big sister’s boyfriend” to my brother so he visited Sean a lot. On one of those visits, he stumbled on Jim’s art works – craft, drawings, etc. Oblivious to how Jim felt about me, he contracted him to make a portrait of his girlfriend, Me.
Jim had no choice, it was business right? Besides, it wasn’t like Guy knew I was Jim’s love interest. Moreover, my beloved brother, God bless his heart, kept mute too.
Fast forward to that evening, my brother called to ask if I was home that he wanted to visit. I didn’t like the idea because it was quite late but he insisted. When I opened the door, it was my boyfriend standing there with a big brown object.
I fell in love with the portrait immediately and was still gushing about it when I saw the artist’s signature, I knew it must have been really awkward for Jim.
I asked Sean later how Jim felt about the job; he said something-something I honestly can’t remember again (blame it on my short-term memory)😜
Anyway, years later, -that’s few days ago, someone came into my room and noticed the drawing. This person was shocked that I was engaged and nobody knew. While trying to explain the situation, it occurred to me that Guy is getting married this weekend. It made the explanation more awkward. How was I to say the portrait in my room with the inscription “THANK YOU FOR SAYING YES” was a gift from a guy getting married tomorrow. LMAO
My questions are:
1.  What am I to do with the portrait now? I absolutely love the drawing.
2.  As a guy, would you be okay with it if your girlfriend still has a gift from her ex?
3.  Ladies, are you okay with keeping a gift from an ex?
PS: My favorite bible till date was a birthday gift with a love note from an ex.

Do share your thoughts with me in the comment section.


Bolaji Gelax

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21 thoughts on “PORTRAIT FROM MY EX

  1. LOL… It is your face on the portrait my dear, keep it. You might want to remove what he wrote tho. nice write up

  2. Laughs. Keep it if you want to. I don't see it as a big deal, Guy is even getting married today. You may remove the inscription if you can.

  3. Might the portrait not remind you of any depressing memories, you could keep it. But get rid of the note beneath, it's too ambiguous.
    Bunmi you are good at what you do��

  4. Shebi I really don't know what to say, bet, Jim try sha, I'm sure he'll be better now sha, no pun intended. You can have another artist update the drawing, in other words, make your own and let go of this one, but if you enjoy the feeling of being wanted back in time [(the wanting never really ends) but for the pepose of this story, that will be in the background] you can keep the portrait.

  5. I got rid of most of the things my ex gave me over a period of three years. But I still held on to a couple of pictures which I finally deleted last month cos he got married. Anyways all I have left are a couple of books (cos I bloody love books), a picture frame (cos it's so cute but I tore the picture inside), the video I made for our first year anniversary (cos I put so much blood and tears into it. It's tucked very far away by the way) and a little black diary (too cute and useful to throw away).

  6. Oh my! That's a whole lot of things you kept o. Ah ahn… 😂

    But don't they all bring back 'painful' memories? Maybe of things that could have been? *wondering *

  7. Would say you should keep it. If you have a partner that feels threatened by the fact that you kept something from past relationship then he should know he has a lot of work to do to fill that spot. And you keeping the picture doesn’t necessarily mean you still have something for “Guy” but respect for the maturity Jim put into creating that work of art in the given circumstances… Nice write up (hope I’ve made you happy now… 😋)

    1. My new partner better get me a life-size portrait then -oil painting at that 😂

      I’m glad you did😜. Thanks much much

    1. Getting your partner a portrait of him/her or collecting back your gift to an ex or even returning an ex’s gift? 🤷

      Lol… Just want to be sure😀


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